People’s Tribunal: Media Biased, Helped BN Spread Propaganda


SUBANG JAYA, 21 Sept: An academic from the University of Malaya described the 10 minutes given by the Government to political debates to present the election manifesto through a radio broadcast as an act of injustice.

Professor Edmund Terence Gomez said that it is impossible for competing political parties to convince the public on their offers in their election manifesto in so short a time.

“It is not a fair proposal by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture of only allowing 10 minutes to political parties to present their manifestos.

“The message to be delivered will certainly not be understood and appreciated by the people in the short time,” he said through a video which was aired today at the People’s Tribunal on the 13th General Election.

In addition, he said the distribution of pamphlets on any political party should not be done during the campaign because it will oppress weaker opponents.

“Pamphlets should not be distributed during the campaign period, instead the people would want the mechanisms of the interim government once Parliament is dissolved,” he added.

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