Perak Coup: 13 Win Appeal to Postpone Sentence


TAIPING, 19 SEPT: All 13 demonstration participants in the coup incident in Perak in 2009 won in the appeal of the implementation of the RM5,000 fine and two years mandatory imprisonment.

The decision was read out in the Taiping High Court just now.

Defense lawyer, Hanipa Maidin previously argues and questioned the reasonableness of the two year sentence when it was only an offence under Section 145 and those involved had never committed the offence.

He also referred to the rape case of a five year-year-old child where the sentenced could be bailed and freed.

“Why can’t these people’s sentence be postponed,” he was quoted asking on Keadilan Daily today.

Earlier, the Deputy Public Prosecutor stood up and objected to the appeal to postpone the sentence and said that the mandatory sentence is justified.

Meanwhile, another lawyer, Augustine Anthony stressed on the health of the 13 and also the proceedings of the previous case.

He said that that many of them have already lost their jobs and were already ‘punished’.

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