Saifuddin To Take The Reins On Rural Development


SHAH ALAM, SEPT 2nd: PKR Secretary Dato’ Saifuddin Nasution Ismail will be taking the reins for
the rural development programmes in the state, said Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

The Selangor Chief Minister revealed that the program was slated for the second term after seeing the success of various welfare programs realised by the State Government through “The People’s Economy” (Merakyatkan Economy Selangor) agenda since its launch in 2008.

It would be an addition to existing programmes to ensure that progress in the rural areas is emphasised through various activities after identifying the target groups that require assist.

“We will run the programme by traveling to every county in the state. Saifuddin will be entrusted with organising the entire thing,” said Khalid Ibrahim to the reporters here yesterday.

Abdul Khalid further asserted that there are no issues with putting Saifuddin to head the task even though the PKR Secretary already has his hands full with other responsibilities.

In fact, Khalid Ibrahim said it was similar to a previous situation back when he was serving Guthrie whilst he was tasked with developing Islamic economy that see him out working in the field.

“To him, staying put in the office is equivalent to doing nothing,” said Khalid Ibrahim.

Khalid Ibrahim also said that the State Government will be giving a briefing on the election manifesto so as to clear up any confusions about the Coalition’s programme.

The program will be running under Selangor and the state’s ADUN.

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