Umno-BN Leaders Allegedly gave Village Land to Dignitaries


SHAH ALAM, 15 SEPT: After over 40 years of inhabiting Kampung Jalan Kenangan, Kapar, the original residents of the village were outraged when the land grants promised by the Umno-BN Government were handed to outsiders.

The Chairman of the Kampung Jalan Kenangan Task Force, Hanif Mohd Sani said that the original inhabitants who painstakingly explored the village lands were set aside to a point of being forced to squatter of lands.

“Every election, they would sprinkle the same promises, they want to give grants till almost a week before the 2008 election. They finally issued the 5A form but those who received it were outsiders who had nothing to do with the village. Only some villagers received it,” he explained.

According to Hanid, the residents originally had already obtained Temporary Occupation Licences (TOL) for their respective residential land, but in 2001, the Umno-BN State Government cancelled the TOL. Hanif claimed that they were promised land grants instead.

Hanif added that lots of land from the nearby mangrove forest near the twin sluice in the village was handed to several political dignitaries who were titled Datuk and Datuk Seri.

“Originally, I came to know that they wanted to develop a project but it did not come to pass when the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat won the election in 2008. Since then, the mangrove forest was only cut down. When the forest grew again, it was cut down again and the forest grew again. It did not go anywhere,” he added.

“There were also original inhabitants who were offered the 5A form, but it was in a divided state. Houses were divided with the neighbour. So it had to be rejected because it was unfair to original inhabitants of this village,” said Hanif.

Hanif did not want to reveal the names of the individuals who received the mangrove land, but said that he still kept all relevant documents, including the original plan from the land office in case it was required as evidence.

However, the disappointment of the original inhabitants of Kampung Jalan Kenangan was cured when recently the current Pakatan Rakyat State Government issued TOLs for the residential land of the involved residents.

In addition, State Government Executive Councillor, Dr Daroyah Alwi is also working for the villagers to receive the 5A form within three years.

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