Freedom House: Internet Freedom in Malaysia is ‘Partially-Free’

SHAH ALAM, 4 Oct: A study by Freedom House on Internet Freedom 2013 stated that Malaysia has fallen by one point from last year and remains ‘partially free’.

Malaysia is ranked 30 out of the 60 countries surveyed around the world and received 44 out of 100 points.

The study also showed that Malaysia is ranked below Kenya (15), Nigeria (18), Angola (21), Uganda (22) and Tunisia (27).

Among all countries in Asia, only Japan (7) and the Philippines (11) were listed in the free category.


A reading of close to 0 is described as most free while 100 is least free. Last year Malaysia won 43 points.

The study noted that in the run-up to the general election, several news outlets covering the opposition faced disruption of their servers.

It also found that the manipulation of online discussions by pro-government commentators is among the reasons why Malaysia’s ranking dropped.

Other causes include the arrest of bloggers and technical attacks against government critics.

While Internet penetration is listed at 66 percent of the 29 million population, the study also found Malaysia’s press freedom as not free.

The study showed Iceland ranking first with 6 points, while Cuba and Iran were ranked at the bottom at 86 points and 91 points respectively.

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