Syabas is Sabotaging Selangor’s Economy?


The findings of the Socio-Economic Research Centre (SERC) on media reports about the Selangor water issue shows that the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas) is refusing or delaying the application of over 1,000 industry players who want to set up a factory in this state.

The matter was mentioned by the Chairman of Gerakan Prihatin Rakyat Selangor (GPRS), Datuk Sohaimi Shahadan in a statement to Bernama news agency.

According to Sohaimi, the concessionaire has done so on grounds that Selangor is facing serious shortage of treated water.

Previously, Syabas proposed a ration to address the crisis claimed by them.

However, the Central Government said that a ration is not required.


“The announcement by the Central Government that a ration is not required as of yet means that there is adequate supply of treated water for Syabas customers, be it residential or industrial,” the SERC report stressed.

Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Selangor is not in crisis.

He rejected the ration and instead urged Syabas to supply water to areas suffering from disruptions.


“For areas facing such disruptions, Syabas is required to supply water to the area. Not ration. We ask Syabas to resolve the problem so that consumers do not face problems,” he stressed.

Among the cases that have been reported is the application for water supply from a the world’s largest rubber glove manufacturer, Top Glove Corporation, which was rejected by Syabas. Developers also complained that their applications were also rejected.

In fact, goods manufacturer, F&N, incurred a huge loss because Syabas did not supply water for five days to the F&N factory in Pulau Indah.

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