JPP Project a Waste of Time and Public Funds – Mat Taib

SHAH ALAM, 15 Nov: The development of Residents’ Representative Committees (JPP) appointed by the central government is deemed to be another project that is a waste of time and public funds.

Former Minister of Rural and Regional Development, Tan Sri Muhamad Muhamad Taib, said this after examining that the likelihood of an overlap of power will happen between the Local Authorities (PBT) and members of the JPP.


“In general, this will clearly happen because there will be two committees with the same role in an area. It will divide community relations and PBTs. So, it would be better to use existing channels; which is to maintain committee members under PBTs without the JPP.

“The JPP is established for the benefit of the people and I am worried that funds channeled will be stuck midway. At a point, projects will not materialise, but those managing projects will use the funds,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini today.

Muhamad, who is also a member of PAS, said that his claim is based on the failure of the central government to detail the JPP mechanism to the public, despite funds of RM63 million for the development of the entity has been announced in the tabling of the National Budget 2014, on 25 October.

“Where will the large fund be channeled? Who will receive and manage it, and what mechanism or modus operandi will be used?

“It has not been described in detail and I am worried with the development of the JPP, the millions in funds will not reach the people, but will be stuck midway,” he said.

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