Special Team Established to Settle Flooding in Kuantan

SHAH ALAM, 10 Dec: A special team to find solutions on the issue of flooding in Kuantan, Pahang, will be established soon to ensure that similar incidents do not happen to the people in the area.


Member of Parliament for Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh, said that the existing flood mitigation programme is unable to overcome the disaster because it is inconsistent with the rapid development in the city.

She said that the implementation is her primary target as a representative of the people for the second term and she believes that it can be benefited in the long run.

“I am currently looking to set up a special team to study how we can avoid the same this from recurring.

“This is because the flood mitigation programme implemented is unable to accommodate the development in Kuantan and we need to conduct a detailed study on this matter,” she said when contacted by Selangor Kini.


Meanwhile, when commenting on the flood situation in Kuantan, which has entered the seventh day, Fuziah said that most of the victims have been allowed to return to their homes yesterday evening as the water has receded and the electricity supply has resumed.

She said that cleaning work in housing areas are being carried out and she hopes that good weather will continue so that the water in Sungai Lembing does not come up.

“Now we have entered the recovery phase and the third phase it to return to normal. If the weather is good and rain does not continue, the phenomenon of tide will probably not happen,” she added.

Fuziah said that her team is always working hard to help flood victims since the first day of the incident by distributing dry food regularly.

He said that much assistance has been received from external parties such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and corporations across the country.

“Even though Parliament rejected my proposal last Wednesday, I managed to attract the attention of the central government and make the public realise how terrible the flooding is in Kuantan.

“Although Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament were egoistic and did not want to accept my proposal because it is from the opposition, it was enough to open the eyes of outsiders,” she said.

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