Khai Loon: Kangkung Flash Mob Not Meant to Offend Anyone

SHAH ALAM, 19 Jan: The Assemblyman for Machang Bubuk, Lee Khai Loon, explained the move to invite the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to eat kangkung (water spinach) was not meant to offend anyone.

He said that the move to invite Najib to eat kangkung did not mean to offend anyone following various personal attacks on him by Umno-BN leaders immediately after the “I LOVE Kangkung” flash mob which was held at 6.30pm on 15 January.

Khai Loon said that he does not understand why Umno-BN and its supporters likened the move as a sign of insult.


“In fact, the creative move symbolises asking the Prime Minister to be more concerned about the burden of the people’s lives, which is getting heavier due to the increase in price of goods.

“The kangkung statement made by the Prime Minister almost shows that the federal government is running away from their responsibility to control the price of goods.

“That is why social media on the internet and the mass media is filled with a variety of comedy and satirics based on kangkung to mock the Prime Minister,” he said, quoted from Malaysia Kini today.

Khai Loon said that he was made a scapegoat and was personally attacked, which only in reality showed that there is a large gap between the view of the public and the action, but it also showed that they (Umno-BN) are not taking the outrage of people seriously.

“Among the factors of the increase in price is the practice of corruption, leakages and wastage by the federal government, in addition to poor economic management that is in favour of large companies.

“The federal government that has long been led by Umno-BN has caused the national debt to increase every year, causing financial deficit and eventually, the common person has to bear the consequences.


“Therefore, Umno-BN cannot escape from that responsibility. As an elected representative, I have to be responsible and willing to speak up, and criticising the Prime Minister and the government’s actions is not wrong.

He stressed that the flash mob was intended to reflect the views of the public and Umno-BN leaders should take the matter regarding the increase in price of goods more seriously.

“I will continue to conduct community programmes to protest against the GST and the rising price of goods in the future so that the people’s voice on the situation, as well as their views can be conveyed through various channels.

“I hope that the Prime Minister and Umno-BN leaders will hear the voice of the people, the sacred voice and to not personally attack.

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