Red Pencil Protest: GERAMM Reiterates Stand to Cooperate in Police Investigations

SHAH ALAM, 11 Jan: The Angry Media Movement (GERAMM), a loose journalist group consisting of various media organisations, reaffirmed their readiness to cooperate with the police to assist in investigations related to the Red Pencil Protest peaceful assembly on 4 Jan.

In a statement today, GERAMM said that they however are of the opinion that the police investigation is unnecessary because the rally ran smoothly, peacefully and in an orderly fashion.


“We think that this investigation would (if any) stand on technical grounds that are frivolous and loose,” said GERAMM.

GERAMM reaffirmed their stand as a reaction to the statement by the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, which stated that the police will be investigating the Red Pencil Protest.

“GERAMM reiterates the stand that the police grounds are only technical arguments that are frivolous and loose after the assembly took place peacefully, smoothly and in an orderly fashion.

“In fact, the police located at the assembly site to monitor the situation would be able to confirm this peace,” the statement said.

GERAMM clarified that the speeches, slogans and actions in the Red Pencil Protest is not a provocation to anyone, instead it is to demand eight items related to media freedom.

“GERAMM is of the opinion that the investigation (if any) is irrelevant and we do not have the intention throughout the campaign to create a conflict with the government, media companies and the public,” they said.

GERAMM also indicated that they will deliver the eight demands, together with a petition signed by journalists as well as broken red pencils as a symbol of protest to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) in the near future.


GERAMM will continue to campaign to collect signatures (petition) to support our eight demands.

To support us, please visit

“We will continue this campaign by wearing red on Fridays to show solidarity with the weekly newspaper, The Heat, which is still suspended.

“We call on all journalists, workers in media companies and readers to join in by wearing RED every Friday,” the statement said.

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