Khalid: Noh Admits Not Being a Religious Expert, But Challenges to Debate?

SHAH ALAM, 13 Feb: The Member of Parliament for Shah Alam, Khalid Samad, was disappointed when the Member of Parliament for Tanjung Karang, Datuk Seri Noh Omar failed to ‘school’ him, as propagated by Noh when he challenged Khalid to debate on the issue of the ‘Allah’ word.

Khalid said that the failure caused a debate entitled ‘Muzakarah Kalimah Allah’ or ‘Allah Word Dialogue’ organised by Mob TV, which lasted over an hour recently, to not increase his knowledge.


“He (Noh) admitted that he was not an expert on Islamic law or the Federal Constitution. In terms of Islamic law, he recommended for us to accept or refer to the decision of the National and Stat Fatwa Councils, and on the matter of the constitution, he suggested for us to leave it to the courts.

“If Noh thinks that he and I are equally unqualified to discuss this issue, why did he challenge me to a debate?

“If Noh considers himself to not be an expert, why did he say that he wanted to school me?” said Khalid in a press conference which was held at the Shah Alam Member of Parliament’s Office yesterday.

Khalid said that the attitude shown by Noh only proves the typical attitude of Umno leaders who are fond of playing religious and racial sentiments, merely to tarnish the image of their opponents.

“Umno is adding to the confusion of Muslims. They said that this is an issue of faith, but why can’t we have it here (Malay language Bibles), but it is allowed in Sabah and Sarawak. Is the faith of Muslims on the Peninsular different from the Muslims there?

“Umno and pro-Umno NGOs often chant that we own Allah. Even that is wrong. Actually, we all belong to Allah and not Allah belongs to us,” added Khalid.

Khalid added that perhaps Noh is not able to assess and provide views regarding this issue and had to choose a safe path by not providing any comments on the arguments given.

“Quran verses that have clear meaning and purpose are filtered by only stating that you are not an Ulama, why you did not become a member of the PAS Ulama Council and so on.

“That is his only ability; to personally attack me, stating that my credentials are not extended,” he added.

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