YB ACTIVITIES: Gombak Setia Assemblyman Patrols Village to Prevent Crime

GOMBAK, 18 Mar: Despite being busy with the duties of being the people’ representative, the Gombak Setia Assemblyman, Hasbullah Ridzwan, still spent time with the Security and Neighborhood Team (PKK) at Simpang 3, Kampung Simpang 3, Gombak.

The Simpang 3 PKK had just been established in February and is aimed at preventing crime and address social ills. About 20 members of the PKK patrol joined in the patrol.


Meanwhile, some residents who were following the programme expressed their happiness that Hasbullah was willing to join in the vehicle patrolling by using a motorcycle in the village.

The patrol which began at 12am and ended at 2.30am was the routine of each PKK member every night to guard the village.

A resident, Rizal, 28, said that although the YB was busy with his daily activities, he still joined the residents to ensure the success of the patrolling.

“Thanks to YB for willing to be here even though YB is busy with work, he still spends time with residents. YB’s attitude is certainly liked by villagers,” he said.


During the patrol, Hasbullah had time to brief about the patrolling and some cases where they successfully caught (criminal) and solved it. He also managed to visit some hot spots that are the choice location for criminals.

Hasbullah, in his speech, expressed highest appreciation to all patrol members who take care of the village safety and informed that the crime rate has decreased compared to previously, since the establishment of the Security and Neighbourhood Team (PKK) in the area. He also hopes that the people, especially in Gombak Setia, to join this PKK.

The PKK, initiated by the Selangor State Government is to help the police reduce the crime rate in Selangor.

Joining him in the patrol was the Manager of PKM, Ramli Talib, and the Kampung Simpang 3 Chief, Abdul Razak Mohd Shair.

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