Perkasa and Umno Youth practice thug politics

SHAH ALAM, 23 May: The move by the President of Perkasa, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, to support Umno Youth who barged into the Penang State Assembly shows that he agrees with thug politics ruling this country.

The Member of Parliament for Klang, Charles Santiago, said that the Umno Youth’s actions were not only caused by Rayer’s statement, but the anger grew when DAP introduced a Malay candidate, Dyana Sofya, for the Teluk Intan parliamentary by-election.


“As usual, Umno assumes that Malays must be a candidate to a Malay party, so that is why they are playing the race card.

“Their actions are also different with the recommendation by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is trying to instil racial unity. The rhetoric was thwarted by themselves in Teluk Intan,” he said in a press statement.

Yesterday, about 50 Umno Youth from the Federal Territory held a protest outside the DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to protest against the statement issued by DAP representative for Seri Delima, R.S.N. Rayer.

The protest also saw a DAP signboard being damaged.

Anger was also expressed in the memorandum which they brought in the name of the Federal Territory Umno Youth Chief, Mohd Razlan Muhammad Rafli.

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