Rafizi: Three more Umno corruption scandals to be exposed

SHAH ALAM, 23 June: The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli, will expose three more scandals involving Umno members after the issue of granting the MARA Technological University (UiTM) concession to party cronies.

He said that he will expose three more scandals involving corruption among Umno leaders in the near future after obtaining evidence and a signal.

Rafizi said that the disclosure concerning the privatisation of the UiTM campus is proof showing that Umno leaders betray the Malay community by giving the project to their cronies.


“If the government does not change in the next general election, more distribution of the country’s wealth will be done without transparency and will go to their (Umno) cronies in an extreme manner,” he said, quoted from Harakah Daily.

“Umno seems to be defending the Malay race, but instead, this party fools Malays in villages and remote areas,” he said.

Rafizi said that PKR will organise field programmes across the country to expose the lies of Umno, especially to the rural population on these issues.

Previously, Rafizi revealed that the government gave a 23-year concession to crony companies to build six UiTM campuses across the country, however the university needs to repay the rent to the company, involving a cost of between RM56 million to RM69 million per annum.


The total cost is RM8.6 billion; five times higher compared to the cost for UiTM to build their own campus at RM1.8 billion.

Rafizi revealed that among the individuals that received the concession is the younger sibling to the Umno Wanita Chief, Datuk Seri Shahrizat, for the construction of the Seremban III UiTM campus and the Syabas Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Rozali Ismail, who was given the Puncak Alam UiTM concession.


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