15 Palestinians killed in Gaza were relatives of Malaysia’s new Palestine Ambassador

SHAH ALAM, 31 July: Fifteen out of 145 Palestinians killed in Gaza, following Israel’s latest airstrike and aggression in Gaza were the next-of-kin of the new Palestinian Ambassador to Malaysia, Dr Anwar H. Al Agha.

He said the 15, mostly cousins, were staying at three houses when they were killed and several others injured.


Dr Anwar hoped the international community would put an end to Israel’s aggression in Gaza and take the Jewish State to the international court because most of those killed were in reality, civilians and children.

(This time around) Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians is among the most brutal offensive since 2008 and 2009.

“Israel does not respect the religious activities of the Palestinians because even during Ramadan, it was shelling and killing the people in Gaza,” he said, quoted from Bernama.

On the Malaysian Government’s support for the Palestinian struggle, he said Malaysia always stood firmly with the Palestinian people because it believed the Palestinians had the right to establish the state of Palestine.


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