Najib should not remain silent, immediately urge Israelis-Zionists to stop attacks on Gaza

SHAH ALAM, 9 July: The Israeli militant regime’s brutal action of attacking the Gaza Strip early yesterday morning, resulting in 12 people killed, has been vehemently denounced by the people of all countries, including Malaysia.

The latest brutal attack by the Zionist regime clearly received the attention of all parties, not to mention that it was done when Muslims around the world are undergoing the Ramadan fasting.


Criticism against the terrorist forces was widely spread on social networking sites, among them Facebook, which was used by users to express their anger, in addition to praying for the violence to end.

One user, Mohd Umar, said that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and his leadership line-up should play a role in strongly condemning the Zionist military’s action and urge Israel to stop the attacks.

He said that the Federal Government cannot just remain silent and act as observers when they see that so many lives have been lost on Palestinian land.

“Najib, Khairy Jamaluddin and the Prime Minister’s Department, look at our brothers in faith being bombarded by Jewish laknaktullah (those cursed by God), so much so that Muslims are murdered in cold blood.


“What do we help them with, military assistance? No. Even the people who want to fight there are accused of being militants and terrorists, and they want to catch them.

“Where is your humanity when you see your brothers in faith being brutally murdered. O Allah, may You punish those who are enemies of Islam,” he said.

Nazri Verra is of the opinion that Muslims have long risen, but the country’s leadership caused the people to be stuck and they will be accused as being militants if they go forward to help.


“If we go help, we will be accused as being militants, terrorists, insurgents and we will be caught by the police. O Allah, send your caliphate army there, let them win, weaken and defeat the enemy…amen,” she said on Facebook.

“If Allah wants to destroy the disbelievers, it is easy for Him, Allah just wants to see what Muslims will do when their brothers in faith are killed,” said Iskandar Mokhtar.

Another user, Rabu Ali, said “O Muslim countries, bring out your army for Allah, do not just talk, Allahuakhbar!”

Meanwhile, the Central PAS International Relations Committee Chairman, Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad Nawawia, said that the Islamic party is always with the Hamas to defend Gaza and wants the people of Palestine to be given freedom.

PAS also urged the international community, especially Islamic countries, to strongly condemn what was done by Israel and to unite to defend the rights of the Palestinian people.

“During the Ramadan, we and the leaders, as well as the people, of this country will pray for Gaza to be protected by Allah and given strength to fight the Zionists,” he told Harakah Daily.

It was reported that at least 12 were killed when an Israeli combat aircraft released rocket fire on the Gaza Strip early yesterday morning in the latest campaign by the Zionist regime on the restive region.


In the centre of Gaza, a man was killed near the Nusseriat refugee camp, followed by four others who in a car died after Israeli rockets hit.

Seven others were killed and 25 others were injured when Israeli rockets hit a house is Khan Younis in southern Gaza, however their identities have yet to be identified.

President Mahmus Abbas urged Israel to immediately stop its attack campaign and urged the world to exert pressure on the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

However, the Israeli Cabinet is expected to call 40,000 members of its backup team to increase attacks on the province.


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