Over 86 Palestinians killed, 500 injured

SHAH ALAM, 11 July: The death toll of residents in Gaza, Palestine, continues to increase and as of now, 86 have been identified dead, while 550 have been injured due to attacks from the Israel Zionist army, which started on July 8.

A large number of those killed were civilians, the elderly, women and children, in fact the actual figure is said to be far larger than that reported.


In the airstrike on July 10, nine other Palestinians died and hundreds of homes were reportedly destroyed and the death toll is expected to increase with Israel intensifying their attacks, in addition to preparing to launch a ground attack with the strength of 40,000 soldiers equipped with heavy machinery at the Gaza border.

Citing Harakah Daily, until now, there is no pressure from powerful nations or Islamic countries against Israel to stop the murderous operation.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Minister of Public Works, Mufeed al-Hassayna, said that so far, 190 homes have been destroyed in total, while 6,300 others are partially destroyed.


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