Ceasefire ends, Gaza attacked again

GAZA, 21 Aug: Gaza is attacked again by Israel after the period for the ceasefire, which was extended to five days, ended on August 19.

Israeli military aircrafts launched nearly 100 attacks on the Gaza Strip.


Hamas military leader, Mohammed Deif, said that Israel launched its first air attack that killed his wife and infant son shortly after the ceasefire ended.

He said that although Israel denied that the attack was not targeted at the Hamas leader involved, it was an attempt to kill him.

“Nearly 23 people were killed in the Israeli attack, including my wife and child,” he said, quoted from Reuters.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that 2,040 of their people, mostly civilians, were killed while 10,224 were injured.

Meanwhile, in Egypt’s attempt to urged Israel and Palestine to continue negotiations and respect the ceasefire, thousands of people continue to be victims of the attack.


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