Israel performs ethnic cleansing, kills youth and children

GAZA, 14 Aug: Palestinian human rights groups revealed that the Israeli army now has a new culture; killing children and youth in the West Bank.

Records show that over 22 children and youth have been killed in recent months, where most of them were shot during on-going protests against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.


Political experts believe that the actions of Israel are aimed towards ethnic cleaning in Palestine and to clear the whole of Palestine from the natives.

Several examples of Palestinian youth being shot dead in the past few days have also been documented.

Meanwhile, after the 72-hour ceasefire, Hamas declared that a group of fighters are prepared for a longer battle against the advancing Israeli troops.

Hamas officers who attended the talks in Cairo said that until now, Israel has set aside several key demands.

“We cannot predict whether the ceasefire will last, be extended or fighting will continue. Negotiations are still deadlocked,” he said.

However, a diplomatic official said that Israel hopes for the ceasefire to be extended but Hamas has not given the final say.


“The important thing to discuss is that a long-term truce should be agreed upon before midnight, to have another 72-hour ceasefire to allow for negotiations to continue, or continue the battle,” he told the Agency.

Meanwhile, a Hamas spokesman, Samir Abu Zuhri, said that they are still considering the motion to continue the ceasefire.

“This is the final ceasefire and negotiations. If all representatives fail to reach a final say and refuse to accept the demands of Hamas, we will reply all Israeli attacks.

The Israel Finance Minister, Yair Lapid, if of the opinion that if negotiations fail, there is a possibility that the battle will begin again at midnight (yesterday).


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