Rawang Assemblyman: “We will drag Putrajaya to court”

SHAH ALAM, 26 Nov: The state government will drag the Federal Government to court if Putrajaya stubbornly creates a government in Selangor.

The Assemblyman for Rawang, Gan Pei Nei, said that this was asserted by the Investment Standing Executive Committee member, Ean Yong Hian Wah, when the issue of overlapping jurisdictions for the Safety and Village Development Committee (JKKK) and the JKKK appointed by the Federal Government was raised during the Selangor State Assembly (DNS).


“In 2013, we learned that the Federal Government also wants to create positions such as Council Members like the local authorities and also a residents’ committee like the JKP.

“This is against the law because in the Constitution it is stated that the local government is under the authority of the state government,” she said today.

Selangor was told that this subversive element would receive funding to carry out programmes and projects.

Pei Nei said that this move by Putrajaya dissolves the brotherhood among villagers.


She said that most projects are implemented without the approval of local authorities or the Land Officer, causing duplication of projects being carried out.

“Once, a road was paved twice by the JKKK (P) through the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) and also the JKKK. So, we saw that there was an overlap which ultimately led to waste of public funds,” she said.

Pei Nei said that the JKKK (P) existed since Pakatan Rakyat took over the administration of Selangor, while the plan to implement the Federal JKIP was still not implemented at this stage.


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