Anwar: “If I go to jail, I will not give up”

PETALING JAYA, 9 Feb: The Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, said that he is determined to continue to fight injustice in this country.

Anwar said that he will face all possibilities that will be decided by the Federal Court on February 10.


“Assuming these demands of change requires some sacrifice, then, I must go forward.

“I, Anwar, even at this difficult age of 67, must boldly go forward,” he said at the Amcorp Mall Field here at the Anwar Ibrahim’s Grand Finale Premier Talk at the Determination Day Gathering.

He said that many Pakatan Rakyat leaders received political pressure to scare them from upholding truth and justice.

“I will continue to fight, God willing, to be free. If I go to jail, I will not give up,” he said.


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