FOMCA: GST for water & electricity bills increase the people’s burden

SHAH ALAM, 22 Apr: The goods and services tax (GST) charged for the use of electricity and water increases the burden of consumers because they are basic requirements.

The Deputy President of the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA), Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman, said that the effects are felt by the low and middle income earners.


“They are burdened because their expenses or income have become smaller.

“They have to allocate a part of it to pay the GST,” he told Selangor Kini today.

Electricity consumption above 300 kilo watt is now subject to the GST, while the use of water from central metres are not exempted from it.

He said except for certain goods and services, almost most of the rest are charged the GST and this has an impact on the public.


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