Precast technology enhances safety of Country Homes Police Station


RAWANG, JUL 7: Selangor is leveraging on the Precast technology for the Country Homes Police Station to enhance safety in the premise.

Jutabina Sempurna Executive Director, Sakiman Muhammad Yusuf said this is the first time this method is being applied on a police station building structure in Selangor.

He said, the technology can withstand terrorist attack or explosion after a series of test shots conducted by the authority previously.

“This is the first time it is applied in Selangor involving a huge portion of the building structure which is 90 percent completed.

“Previous test results also found that building structures are stronger with better safety assurance,” he said as a media session, which was also attended by Rawang Assemblyman, Gan Pei Nei.

The project, costing RM16 million under the 10th Malaysia Plan is expected to be completed by the end of July.

It will accommodate 80 policemen with an improved two-block facility with 18 units of five-storey Quarters E and two-storey Quarters F.


Besides that, there is a guardhouse, an ‘MSB Genset’ room, 37 units of open parking lots and 19 covered parking lots.

Other facilities include a store for case items with a more effective internal security.

Meanwhile, Gan said the police station can enhance the locals’ security network control.

“This police station will certainly meet the security needs of Country Homes in view that there were only four police officers on guard at the temporary control centre.

“I hope the residents can benefit from this project and consistently cooperate with the police to preserve the peace in the area,” she said.