Process meat, generate more income


SHAH ALAM, AUG 29: Farmers are advised to apply the ‘value-add’ or ‘processed’ approach with their farming products to increase their revenue.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco, Zaidy Abdul Talib said this can increase profitability and eventually enhance the farming project’s competitiveness.

“As an example, if a farmer sells village chicken meat alone, the price is only RM15 a kilogramme.


“But if the same farmer process the meat, for example process it to become a spiced chicken meat, the price can reach up to RM30 a kilogramme.

“This is 100 percent value-add with a simple processing activity,” he said to SelangorKini.

He was asked to comment the proposal to farmers to vary their farming method to generate more income.

“Another example is, if a farmer sells raw hides or cowhides, the price is only around RM2 a kilogramme.


“However, if he processes it into a ‘jangat’ for example, the selling price can increase up to RM12 a kilogramme.

“This adds five times more value merely through a simple and effective method,” added Zaidy.

Previously, the State Government throught its Veterinary Department has introduced the Products Collection and Marketing Centre (Vetmart) in an effort to market the products of local farmers to the communities.

It was made to understand that three Vetmart premises were opened after the Sungai Nibong, Sijangkang and Parit Baru branches were officiated.