Selangor to Begin Klang River Development in March 2014


SHAH ALAM, 8 Nov: The state government will start the redevelopment of the Klang river, including cleaning and upgrading, in March 2014.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the first effort which is to be taken seriously is the cleaning of the river and currently, there are several planning to be initiated in 2014.

Abdul Khalid said that the state government should first wait and examine the development of the Klang river because many have come forward to help in the upgrading, including several companies from Korea and China.

“I think that this development would likely occur in March 2014. Currently there are several work papers, (and) our first effort is to clean up the Klang river because there is a lot of garbage in it,” he said.

Abdul Khalid said this at a press conference after attending the Selangor State Headman (Penghulu), Traditional Village Heads and Members of Village Development and Security (JKKK) Assembly here at the Silver Jubilee Hall in the State Secretariat Building today.

However, Abdul Khalid said that the conditions imposed on the governments cannot be met by the state government for several reasons.

“Too many people want to help us fix the Kang river, including some from abroad. But they do not really want to develop the Klang river, but they are dreaming of the land next to the area, so I have postponed it.

“If I consented to it, I fear that we will not have the land. They want to beautify the Klang river so that is anyone wants to go to Kuala Lumpur from Port Klang to Masjid Jamek can do so by boat.

“However, to fund this development, the land next to the river would have to be handed over to them. The village people would be angry with me,” he said.

Abdul Khalid said that the state government is waiting for cleaning and upgrading of the river in Kuala Lumpur to finish before starting the Klang river clean-up efforts.

“I will wait for Kuala Lumpur to upgrade the upper part of the river. If we start cleaning, dirt from that area would reach here. But plans are ready and next year, it can begin,” he said.


Selangor CM: Congratulations, Mohd Azam, for Becoming the New Sg Limau Assemblyman


SHAH ALAM, 5 Nov: The Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, congratulated Mohd Azam Abd Samat who was voted to be the new Sungai Limau Assemblyman yesterday.

“Finally, the people of the Sungai Limau constituency elected him (Mohd Azam) as the new Assemblyman. Congratulations to PAS and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for the victory in the Sungai Limau State Legislative Assembly By-Elections. Hopefully, we would carry this responsibility with trust and sincerity, Insya-Allah (God willing),” he said through his Facebook page last night.

Meanwhile, Mohd Azam said that his victory at Sungai Limau is a victory for all and thanks all PAS and PR leaders, Sungai Limau voters, and the whole machinery for helping him win the N20 seat.

“Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT bestowed victory on this new Hijra year. This victory is a victory to all fighters of Islam, justice and truth, as well as defenders of the people’s rights,” he said in a press statement.

PAS Youth Chief, Nasarudin Hassan, described Mohd Azam’s victory as a 1435H New Year’s gift for the people of Sungai Limau.

“Thousands of congratulations to Mohd Azam on his victory in this by-election to carry the trust of Muslims and the people of the Sungai Limau constituency,” he said through his Facebook account.

Nasarudin, who is also the Member of Parliament for Temerloh, hopes that the new Sungai Limau Assemblyman will perform duties entrusted unto him well and excellently. He also congratulated the party leadership for sacrificing time, energy and finances for the by-election.

Mohd Azam, 37, received 12,069 votes, defeating the BN candidate, Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim, 52, who received 10,985 votes, thus enabling PAS to retain the Sungai Limau constituency seat with a majority of 1,084 votes.


Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s Message in conjunction with Maal Hijrah 1435


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Muslim Brothers and Sisters who are Loved by Allah

We are grateful to Allah Subhanahuwataala because with permission and blessing, this year, once again, we are able to celebrate the beginning of Muharram as the start of the Hijra 1435 year. Peach and blessings to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahualaihiwasallam, his family and all his companions.

Hijra is an Arabic word which means “move, leave behind, turn away and to no longer acknowledge.” In the following context, Hijra means several things; the Muslims leaving the place which is under the heathen government, staying away from sin, and the beginning of the Muslim calendar.

Hijra in Islamic history is often associated with when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahualaihiwasallam moved from Mecca to Madinah after being ordered by Allah Subhanahuwataala.

Indeed, there are many benefits if we use the opportunity and space from celebrating Maal Hijra to remember the biography of Prophet Muhammad Allah Sallallahualaihiwasallam, his great personality and his message which makes Allah as a blessing of all things.

Therefore, when we talk about these events, we are reminding Muslims, and non-Muslims, about the grace of Allah, and is something that is prescribed and such efforts should be commended and acclaimed.

Among the favours of Allah, in the Surah al-Ahzab, verse 9 and 10, Allah reminds about the Battle of the Trench where the Quraysh tribe, the Ghaffan tribe and their allies attacked Prophet Muhammad Sallallahualaihiwasallam and a group of Muslims in their homes. Quraysh besieged Medina and erected fences to eliminate the Muslims. But Allah saved the Muslims from the disaster. Allah sent wind and angles that could not be seen by humans. Allah reminded the of the event. This means that Allah requires us to remember these blessings.

Another example is that in Sura Al-Ma’ida, verse 11, Allah reminded them of the actions of the Banu Qaynuqa Jewish tribe which was determined to kill Prophet Muhammad Sallallahualaihiwasallam planing a trick. However, Allah’s plan was more quick and accurate.

In the context of everyday life, we should make “hijra” as a platform to move towards a better direction in terms of practice, socialisation, economy, politics and so on.

The current Selangor State Government, with everything that we have, is undertaking efforts to improve the economy and the standards of living of the people of Selangor, which we love, through various programmes, schemes and incentives.

People of various races, from babies to senior citizens, students, youth, the disabled, women, single mothers and pensioners, are given assistance and guidance to enable them to “hijra” or be independent to live and enjoy a better life.

This way, the Selangor State Government is confident that the targeted group of people will be able to improve themselves from being plagued by desolation of knowledge and poverty in order to face everyday life.

The Selangor State Government’s efforts are in line with Rasulullah Sallalahualaiwasalam’s decree which means: “If anyone of you carry wood behind you, to a point that a portion of it can be given to charity and refrain from begging, this is the best for you, rather than asking other, whether given or not, because the hand above is better than the hand below…”

Finally, let us come together to love Allah and His Prophets more by obeying Allah’s commandments and instructions in order to improve ourselves for the year 1435 Hijra.

Wassalamulaikum Warahmatullahitaala Wabarakatuh.