Norazita Asked Her Children to Study Hard Before She Was Shot


SHAH ALAM, 8 Nov: “Mom asked me and my brother to study hard,” said the eldest son of the late banker, Norazita Abu Talib, who was shot by a security guard at the USJ Ambank on 23 October.


Nurisa Nabilah Irwan, 12, said that her late mother’s message still remains in her memory and her brother’s, Muhammad Hazimi Irwan, 8, and it will continue to be the strength for them to excel in their studies.

Nurisa, who just finished taking the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR), said that the loss of Norazita is a blow to her and Hazim, but support from their father, Irwan Kamaruddin, makes them strong.

Meanwhile, Irwan, 37, who works as a personal driver, also expressed his gratitude for the contributions and concern of the state government which is trying to help ease the burden of their family.

“All tasks previously shouldered by my late wife is now my responsibility. Now, I have the responsibility as both, a mother and father to my children.


“I hope that the police could quickly solve this case as find a solution so it does not recur and no other family would have to face this situation,” he said.

Irwan said this when meeting with Selangor Kini after the state government’s contribution of RM5,000 was delivered by the Exco for Welfare and Women’s Affairs, Rodziah Ismail, and was also attended by the Assemblywoman for Taman Medan, Haniza Talhah, here at their home yesterday.

Rodziah said that the state government is ready to help in the form of legal advice if Irwan takes the matter to court for a lawsuit.

“This lawsuit is not meant for revenge, but it is more towards ensuring that all parties, especially the management of companies, are more sensitive in the selection of security members so that such an incident will not recur.

“We will also provide assistance in the form of legal advice and counsel so that Irwan will get a comprehensive explanation on this case,” said Rodziah.



Tourism Selangor and MPS Committed to the Success of VMY 2014


SELAYANG, 7 Nov: Tourism Selangor and the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) are committed to the success of the Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2014 by taking the initiative to promote tourism and recreation places around Selayang.


The Manager of Tourism Selangor, Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din, said that they will seek feedback from the management of tourist areas beforehand to see if there is any need to ensure that the area has potential to attract tourists.

“We will determine the amount after we review and study the needs of a recreation area in order to add facilities to facilitate tourists or visitors who visit the place,” she told Selangor Kini.

She said that they are convinced that the state government would not hesitate to provide allocations, especially in efforts to make Selangor known internationally.

“If the place has real potential to attract visitors from the country and abroad, we are positive that the state government will help,” she added.

Among the focal points for tourism to be promoted are Damai Cave, Tasik Biru Kundang and the Selayang Hot Springs.

Promotional efforts are seen as a positive step to elevate Selangor’s tourism industry to a higher level.

Damai Cave which is located near Batu Caves, is a place for rock climbing enthusiast for a long time.

It first opened in 1998, and this cave is not a rock climbing location, but it is also a location for mountain climbing training.

This cave is ideal for beginners in mountaineering activities because most of the route is not too challenging.

Wira Adventure Consultant Manager, Mustafa Al Bakri Omar, said that he hopes that his efforts to promote this area internationally will receive support and assistance from the Federal and State Governments.

He said that this location has become a focus of an international diving programme each year before the country’s annual Kuala Lumpur Tower climb.

“More recently, mountaineers from 15 countries visited this place for training sessions and I believe if we focus on it, this place can become a major attraction for fans of outdoor activities, the best after Krabi, Thailand,” he said.

Mustafa who is also responsible for managing the Damai Cave Extreme Park, using his own capital to develop the area, said that it is now better after receiving RM1 million in allocations from the Federal Government to provide infrastructure such as parks, toilets, playgrounds and other facilities.

“An allocation of RM50,000 from the state government has also been received for next year. We hope that support from the federal and state governments will continue.

“It is our desire to widen the climbing area and of course, the maintenance will require a high cost, but it will be worth it for a tourist attraction,” he said.


Selangor Government Help Residents of Kampung Buloh Telor Overcome Riverbank Collapse


KUALA KUBU BAHRU, 7 Nov: The residents of Kampung Buloh Telor can now heave a sigh of relief as the riverbank collapse, destroying the only road linking the Orang Asli village, will be fully repaired soon.

Reparation work will involve the construction of a retaining wall at the bank and resurfacing of the damaged roads will be done with provisions channelled through the State Government.


The Assemblywoman for Kuala Kubu Bahru, Lee Kee Heong, said that the first stage of the construction of the retaining wall in the village of about 150 people from 37 Orang Asli families has already been completed.

“Although this is the responsibility of the Federal Government under the Department of Orang Asli Affairs Development (JHEOA), I ask the State Government to provide allocations to facilitate the residents of the village from entering and exiting.

“There are two parts of the river bank that needs to be repaired, where one has already been completed and for the other, I need to ask for new provisions from the State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN).


“This is because when UPEN officers previously visited, some of the collapse was covered by trees and bushes, causing this part to not be seen at the time,” she said when visiting the construction site of the retaining wall and road at Kampung Buloh Telor.

Kee Heong added that the first stage of the construction reached a cost of RM19,000, while the cost of the second part and road reparation is still under UPEN’s evaluation.

Meanwhile, the Tok Batin (village chief) of Kampung Buloh Telor, Harun Adam, said that the riverbank collapse started in March dues to heavy rains.

“Since then, the road has been damaged and has become narrow because of the riverbank collapse. But with the help of the State Government, I hope that this problem can be completely resolved thus facilitating residents of the village.

“Thanks to YB Kee Heong and the State Government for this assistance which will make it easier for villagers to go about their daily business,” said Harun.



State Government Committed in Helping Improve Infrastructure in Orang Asli Village


KUALA KUBU BHARU, 6 Nov: The Selangor Government is committee in helping improve the standard of living of the residents in Kampung Buloh Telor by providing various infrastructures to facilitate residents of the Orang Asli (indigenous) village.

Among the facilities that have already been channelled includes basic necessities such as running water and electricity to be enjoyed by 37 families in the village.

Today, the Assemblywoman for Kuala Kubu Bharu, Lee Kee Heong, said that the move demonstrated the seriousness of the State Government in helping the group compared to the Federal Government.


“After over 50 years without electricity, the State Government is the first to install metered electricity in the houses of villagers and only after that, the Federal Government took note and supplied electricity.

“If at the time the Federal Government refused to supply electricity, the State Government would supply it,” said Kee Heong during a visit to the construction site of the retaining wall and roads here in Kampung Buloh Telor.

Selangor Kini understands that with efforts from the Exco of Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment, Elizabeth Wong, the cost to install metered electricity in houses will also be shouldered by the State Government.

Meanwhile, the villages have also started to enjoy piped water for over a year as a result of efforts from the State Government.

In addition, infrastructures have also been improved with the installation of streetlights, the provision of badminton courts, bus stops and speakers at the village mosque.

“Many things have been done by the adopted Assemblyman, Lau Weng Sang (Assemblyman for Kampung Tunku) prior to this, as well as the Jom Shopping (Let’s Go Shopping) programme in conjunction with the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

“We also took about seven Muslim families and they were happy to be shopping at Econsave for the first time,” she added.



Fishermen Protest Federal Government’s Reduction in Subsidised Diesel


KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Nov: This morning, about 50 fishermen held a peaceful protest outside the Parliament House to protest against the move by the Central Government to reduce diesel subsidies.

They also urged the government to review the use of the 38 millimetre (mm) hole size of trawl nets.

A representative of the fishermen, Cheah Swee Teck, said that boats in Zone C2, waters up to 30 nautical miles from the mainland, is now charged RM2.00, while for Zone A, B and C, the price has increased from RM1.25 to RM1.45.

“The action to reduce the subsidy burdens fishermen nationwide.

“And the use of 38mm hole trawl nets affect the catch of fishermen, for example, the fishermen in Hilir Perak are affected badly because the 38mm nets are not suitable to catch shrimp in the area,” said Swee Teck.

According to him, attempts to negotiate with the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries, Datuk Ismai Sabri, have been ignored until now.

“So is the proposal for the hole size of trawl nets; the government did not respond.

“So we decided to send a memorandum of protest today to be submitted to Ismail Sabri,” he said.

The peaceful assembly was attended by fishermen from Selangor, Johor, Perak and Pahang, and lasted about 30 minutes.

Also participating in the demonstration was the Member of Parliament for Gelang Patah, Lim Kit Siang, and Member of Parliament for Ipoh Barat, M.Kulasegaran.


Sallehen: Fishermen Strike Requires a ‘Win-Win’ Solution


SHAH ALAM, 6 Nov: The Central Government and fishery associations are urged to resolve the issue of net sizing and the prohibition of employing foreign workers immediately before consumer are affected from the fishermen’s strike which was been going on since 1 November.

The Executive Councillor in charge of Islamic Affairs, Agricultural Modernisation and Rural Development, Sallehen Mukhyi, said this when he found that the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry refuses to budge and the fishing communities have resolved to continue the protest by refusing to go out to sea until the enforcement of certain provisions in the Fisheries Act 1985 is withdrawn.

Sallehen is actively monitoring the situation through meetings with the fishing community. He said that he is ready to help so that discussions between the two sides are finalised.

“We are not saying that the enforcement is improper and we are also not saying that the actions of the fishermen are not right. However, to appease the situation, a public hearing must be held.

“Views of the fishermen and all involved parties should be taken into account and a win-win solution has to be found” he said.

On 1 November, the Ministry enforced the law that the hole size of nets were to be enlarged from 25 millimetres to 38 millimeters. The overall size of the nets is also to be reduced to only 3 metres.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, said that the existing small size of the holes also trawl fish fry, resulting in the overall supply of fish to be affected.

However, the fishermen say that the large size of the hole causes their catch to decline by 60 percent.
Fishermen also said that the fry caught are sold as snacks for fishery cultivation and fertiliser.

The new policy also sets for fishermen that fish at Zone B (five nautical miles from shore) to not be allowed the services of foreigners.

The services of foreigners are only allowed for fishing in Zone C (12 nautical miles from the shore and above). Licencees mus be on the ships that sails the seas.


EXCLUSIVE SERIES 2: Police Admits that Selangor is a Major ‘Destination’ for Crime


SHAH ALAM, 6 Nov: The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) acknowledges that Selangor is the choice ‘destination’ for criminal activities such as shooting and other social ills which are believed to be a result of overcrowding.

Selangor Police Chief, Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan, said that the people of this state are of various races and foreigners often visit the state for a variety of reasons, where some of them have been found to take advantage and commit crime.

He said that the crime index in Malaysia, as a whole, is greatly influenced by events in Selangor, at a rate of about 40 percent.

“Usually, the crime rate in Malaysia depends of the rate in Selangor because this state is part of the Klang Valley. Although there has been an increase in crime by five percent as of August, the Selangor police have managed to reduce it to six percent recently.

Shukri said that it is not fair for some people to make allegations that the police has failed to carry out their duties well in handling such cases. However, he does not deny that the crime rate in Selangor is worrisome and that they will always work to monitor and address the problem aggressively.

“This does not mean that is Selangor is filled with crime stories, therefore the people assume that the police doing their job. We do not deny that crime in Selangor needs to be addressed aggressively, however, the police is always mobilising our members and we are striving to reduce crime and social problems that is occurring in this state in a holistic manner,” he said.

He said that the Special OPS Cantas and roadblocks which are often held in several focus areas in the state has managed to reduce the crime rate by four to six percent as of early this month.

“The Selangor police will continue this effort as one of the measures to curb crime, in addition to improving strategies to endure that the situation and safety of the people is back under control. Moreover, it cannot be denied that the dissolution of two laws; the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the Emergency Ordinance (EO) has affected the increase in crime in this country.

He said that the implementation of the two laws, which allows for detention without trial, is effective in preventing criminals from committing offences because they are placed in detention camps for a certain period.

Earlier, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) confirmed that Selangor recorded the highest crime index compared to other state, involving a total of 32,348 cases from January to September this year.

From the total, motorcycle theft showed the highest frequency with 9,689 cases, followed by burglary and robbery cases (5,682), gang robbery without firearms (4,583) and car theft (4,370). Meanwhile 293 rape cases have been recorded, murder cases (124), snatch theft (698) and wounding (868).

Crime in Selangor has been recorded as the highest in the past five consecutive years which is for years 2008 (57,752 cases), 2009 (54,994), 2010 (49,69), 2011 (44,302) and 2013 (40,629).

In addition, Selangor has the highest narcotic offences with 18,602 arrests, while 18,063 are already police cases involving cases of trafficking, possession, misuse and addiction. It also remains on the top for recording about 15 deaths due to shooting, starting January to September.



Is the KPI for Love?


PRESS RELEASE: Exco for Selangor State Welfare & Women’s Affairs, Rodziah Ismail

Certainly, there is an Islamic perspective in creating the KPI for everything. And the place the KPI is located is in the organ dubbed “the king of all organs”, the heart.

Love, with the KPI, would make a person better in terms of personality, attitude and self-esteem, as well as to be highly motivated towards something better. In addition, a deep sensitivity to the nature of justice and fairness towards all human beings.

It is fortunate for those who have met individuals who can motivate others to be better than their previous self.

But relationship between such individuals should be something consciously searched for, only then can they obtain permission and guidance from Allah.

It makes the individual feel that anything can be achieved. The achievement is always accompanied by sensitivity and a guarantee of the rights and interests of others, without betrayal, cruelty, lies and the violation of transparency limits and good stewardship.

Transparency and good stewardship should also occur in relationships between individuals and family, and not just at the level of organisations, communities, country and international. Individuals and families are small groups that build larger clusters.

Individuals and family members are the people who are gathered in a society that forms a country and the international society. What is practiced by the individual becomes the practice of the family, which is the reflection of characteristics of a society where the individual is part of.

Some individuals become judges, educators, journalists, filmmakers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, activists, honoured members, ministers and those who make very important decisions that affect the lives of people.

Good decisions for the people are emitted from the love-filled KPI, which comes from the purity of the heart; the heart is always taken care of by the Prophet: “All actions are judged by motives…”

This year’s Hijra, let us all strive to achieve love-filled KPI, which makes our personality better, makes us feel safe and protected, and serve in a fair and equitable manner.

Happy Ma’al Hijra 1435, may we be blessed in this world and hereafter.

Selangor State Exco and Batu Tiga Assemblywoman
Chief of Wanita Selangor and Deputy Wanita Chief of Parti Keadilan Rakyat


The Egypt Government Should Not Stop Osama Morsi from Coming to Malaysia


SHAH ALAM, 5 Nov: The Egyptian government is asked to allow the son of the former President of Egypt, who was toppled in a coup, Osama Morsi from going abroad to continue his studies in Malaysia.

PKR Information Chief, Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty, said that prohibiting him from leaving Egypt is contrary to the principles of International Law and Human Rights.

He said that it is not fair for the Egyptian Coup Government to practical political revenge against the family of Dr Morsi, who was ousted undemocratically.

“What right does the Egyptian coup government have to stop him from leaving and continuing his studies in Malaysia, when it is his right?

“So he should not be stopped because that is an extreme act and it is unreasonable, and the international community cannot accept this,” he said when contacted by the Selangor Kini portal today.

Muhammad said that he reminds the Malaysian Government to not prevent Osama Mosri’s entry into the country.

“We hope that the Malaysian Government will not be affected by the actions of the Egyptian coup government and should welcome his presence,” he said.

Previously, international media reported that Osama wanted to board Egypt Air to Malaysia, but failed to pass immigration checks when his name was listed among the individuals who cannot leave Egypt.

Osama, commenting of the actions of the Egyptian coup government, said that the move is one of the series of violations of the law and human rights.

Osama’s desires to come to Malaysia to continue his PhD studies and does not have any links with his father, Mohamed Morsi’s trial arrangements.


Selangor CM: Congratulations, Mohd Azam, for Becoming the New Sg Limau Assemblyman


SHAH ALAM, 5 Nov: The Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, congratulated Mohd Azam Abd Samat who was voted to be the new Sungai Limau Assemblyman yesterday.

“Finally, the people of the Sungai Limau constituency elected him (Mohd Azam) as the new Assemblyman. Congratulations to PAS and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for the victory in the Sungai Limau State Legislative Assembly By-Elections. Hopefully, we would carry this responsibility with trust and sincerity, Insya-Allah (God willing),” he said through his Facebook page last night.

Meanwhile, Mohd Azam said that his victory at Sungai Limau is a victory for all and thanks all PAS and PR leaders, Sungai Limau voters, and the whole machinery for helping him win the N20 seat.

“Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT bestowed victory on this new Hijra year. This victory is a victory to all fighters of Islam, justice and truth, as well as defenders of the people’s rights,” he said in a press statement.

PAS Youth Chief, Nasarudin Hassan, described Mohd Azam’s victory as a 1435H New Year’s gift for the people of Sungai Limau.

“Thousands of congratulations to Mohd Azam on his victory in this by-election to carry the trust of Muslims and the people of the Sungai Limau constituency,” he said through his Facebook account.

Nasarudin, who is also the Member of Parliament for Temerloh, hopes that the new Sungai Limau Assemblyman will perform duties entrusted unto him well and excellently. He also congratulated the party leadership for sacrificing time, energy and finances for the by-election.

Mohd Azam, 37, received 12,069 votes, defeating the BN candidate, Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim, 52, who received 10,985 votes, thus enabling PAS to retain the Sungai Limau constituency seat with a majority of 1,084 votes.