Bunds maintained to face high-tide flood



KLANG, SEP 22: The maintenance of bunds in several areas in Selangor had been done since early this year as preparation for high-tide flood, said Zaidy Abdul Talib.

The Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco said bunds which were low were upgraded to the rightful height.

“We heightened low bunds, while broken ones were repaired to withstand the high-tide waters. We made early preparations based on last year’s experience.

“Hence, we did upgrading work much earlier,” he said during his visit to the location of the upgraded bunds at the Persiaran Hamzah Alang, Meru yesterday.

Also present was Meru Assemblyman, Dr Abdul Rani Osman.


Zaidy also said the maintenance of borrow pit which is placed after the bunds were also done to contain overflowing water.

He said, they also repaired drains and trenches to ensure the drainage system works well in the event of flood.

“When water overflow from the bunds, the borrow pit will contain it.

“All the relevant government agencies were involved with the upgrading work including the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS), Public Works Department (JKR) and local authorities,” he said.


Root cause of paddy production production being identified


SHAH ALAM, JUL 24: The State Government is trying to identify the real reason for the declining paddy production in Sekinchan, which was claimed to be due to the CL2 paddy seeds.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco, Zaidy Abdul Talib took note of the issue and advised farmers to follow the instructions given by Agricultural Department.

“The State Government is still reviewing the real cause of the problem and for now, we advise farmers to follow the instructions given by the Agricultural Department,” he said, replying to Sekinchan Assemblyman, Ng Suee Lim during the Selangor State Assembly session.


Ng asked about the assistance from State Government relating to the decline in paddy production which was claimed to be due to the CL2 seeds that causes soil to be infertile.

In another development, Zaidy informed that there are 1,919 or 21 percent of the farmers who are recipients of the Bacteria Leaf Blight (BLB) disease financial aid, have yet to receive their cheques.

He said, that was due to error in spelling of their names, identification card numbers and issues between paddy field land owner and paddy farmers who lease the land.

“There are 9,124 farmers who are entitled to receive financial assistance due to BLB. We are giving this assistance ahead of the Federal Government, with an allocation of over RM9 million,” he said.


Selangor received RM497 million MARRIS allocation for 2016


SHAH ALAM, MAR 31: In 2016, a total of RM497 million budget was received for the State Road Repairs Trust Fund (MARRIS), according to Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco, Zaidy Abdul Talib.

He said that however the breakdown of outgoing money in the same period reached RM687.6 million.

He also said, in includes allocation for Public Works Department (JKR) at RM196 million, Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) for RM2 million, District and Land Offices (PDT) at RM11 million and Local Authorities (PBT) at RM478.6 million.

“In 2016, the total MARRIS spending by all departments reached 97 percent,” he said in the Selangor State Assembly today.

He said that in response to an oral question posed by Permatang Assemblyman, Datuk Sulaiman Abdul Razak regarding allocation for MARRIS.

According to Zaidy, JKR’s expenditure on MARRIS was 100 percent, followed by JPS 99 percent, PBT (97 percent) and PDT (86 percent).


Water tank is developer’s responsibility


SHAH ALAM, MAR 31: The responsibility to maintain, ensure the safety and cleanliness of water tank site lies with developer until it is handed-over to licensed water supplier.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco, Zaidy Abdul Talib said this is consistent with the provisions in the Water Services Industry Rules (Water Reticulation and Pipe Installation) 2014.

“The provision is covered in Section III (Chapter 1: Carrying-out Responsibilities) and Section III (Chapter 4: Water Supply System Handover).

“Developers must comply with all the technical requirements before handing over the water supply system to the license-holder.

“This include complying to deliver water tanks to be gazetted as Reserved Water Supply before it is taken over and operated by a license-holder,” he said during the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) today.


He was replying to Kinrara Assemblyman, Ng Sze Han’s question regarding water-tank towers.

Zaidy said, there are 14 water tank systems which failed to be handed over to Air Selangor due to developers’ failure to set them up according to plan and to produce Form 12B for gazetting as Reserved Water Supply.

“In special cases, such as developer goes bankrupt, it would depend on the project’s recovery process, whether it is taken over by the State Government or other party.

“After a takeover, the responsibility lies with the new developer,” he said replying to Ng’s additional questions.


Organic fertilisers: Early prevention of BLB outbreak


SUNGAI BESAR, JAN 12: Farmers in Sabak Constituency have received organic fertilisers as an assistance to tackle the bacteria leaf blight (BLB) problem that had struck their rice crops in recent months.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said the State Government’s immediate assistance is an initial step to prevent the outbreak from spreading and causing losses to farmers.

He said besides Sabak, the programme is also extended to Sungai Panjang and Sekinchan constituencies which are facing the same problem.


“It is an organic fertiliser aid programme specific for those affected by the BLB disease which has struck paddy fields in Selangor.

“The assistance is expected to help prevent further spread of BLB, and to ensure that it is under control for those who have finished harvesting.

“This is because there is no poison or organic fertiliser as a total cure of the disease yet, but good agricultural practices are expected to keep it under control,” he said to SelangorKini when met during the fertiliser distribution ceremony at the Public Hall, yesterday.

At the ceremony, Zaidy distributed a portion of the organic fertilisers to some of the 2,000 farmers.

After Sabak, he went on to Sungai Panjang and Sekinchan to provide the same aid to farmers there.

Commenting further, he said there have been reports of declining yield here but that the situation in Sekinchan is far worse as almost 100% of are affected, causing almost 50% decline in yield.


RM800,000 aid for Sabak Bernam farmers


SHAH ALAM, JAN 9: The State Government has donated RM800,000 to help farmers affected by the Bacteria Leaf Blight (BLB) attack in December 2016.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said that the amount covers equipment, liquid sprays and fertilisers.

He said paddy farmers also received advice from several state farming agencies as initiatives to give farmers across the state, a clear understanding on the symptoms of the disease.


“Farmers who were affected were also given advice and guidelines on how to overcome future BLB attacks.

“For now, the RM800,000 allocation is a special farming aid and input in addressing the BLB issue,” he said.

It was reported that the BLB attack in December 2016 destroyed 3,700 hectares of paddy fields and affected farmers in Sabak Bernam.

The attack was said to be the worst in the year’s second season, with almost RM5 million estimated losses.

In another development, Zaidy informed that the State Government will continue with its comprehensive aid programme in 2017, to all farmers across the state.

“For 2017, we will implement existing programmes, including efforts to continuously provide information and knowledge to farmers.

“At the same time, we hope that farmers will be better prepared against any possible outbreak that might destroy their crops,” he said.


AGROGEMS 2017 aims to produce young millionaire farmers


SHAH ALAM, JAN 9: The Agro Generasi Muda Selangor (AGROGEMS) 2017 programme continues with the aim of producing more farmers among youths across the state.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said the programme is believed to be helpful in providing a clearer understanding to the younger generation, on opportunities available in the industry.

“2016 saw an outstanding level of participation as we received much involvement from youths.


“This development proves that individuals involved in this sector can also succeed and earn high incomes, especially youths,” he said.

Zaidy said that seminar sessions involving participants and individuals who have made it in the industry, continue to be part of programme content.

“Participants will be briefed and given guidance by successful farming entrepreneurs who have joined the programme and turned into millionaire farmers from their agricultural activities.

“After the seminar, participants will given advance practical courses and information for them to directly apply what they have learned.


The AGROGEMS programme was first introduced in January 2016 as an effort by the State Government to encourage entrepreneurs below 40 years of age, to participate in the agricultural sector.

Those who are interested can register at the Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Standing Committee office at Level 15, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Building, Shah Alam.


Over 700 seedlings, including Musang King, sold out


MERU, SEP 26:  More than 700 types of seedlings of various types of trees were sold out within a day, especially Musang King.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said this shows an increase in people who are involving themselves in agriculture today.

“This is a good thing as many people are now interested to farm. They come here to get seeds and seedlings.

“The same goes for other programmes like Jelajah Infra Tani and Agrofest where we mostly sell seedlings and seeds to provide a ready source,” he said during the Farmers’ Day Meet Customers and Incentive Presentation Day 2016 at Klang Agriculture Centre on September 25.


He said, besides selling seedlings, the 2-day programme also achieved its objective of providing an opportunity to agro-based entrepreneurs to promote their products and premises.

Earlier in the event, while delivering his opening speech, Zaidy informed that the State Government has collaborated with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to conduct research on the best method in ensuring sustainability of food resources in Selangor.

He said that the research is a long-term measure to reduce dependability on food supplies from abroad.


Residents need not worry about electrical transmission line project


CHERAS, SEP 22: Taman Cheras Hartamas residents do not need to worry about their safety in relation to the electrical transmission line project carried out by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) currently.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said a survey conducted found that TNB met the safety requirements and specification set by the State Government and parties who are monitoring the project safety.

“So far, the representatives from the residents and a nearby kindergarten were relieved by the explanation given by TNB.

“However, the State Government will continue to monitor from time to time to ensure the project always put the residents’ safety as priority,” he said.


He made the statement after a visit at the 275/132 KV electrical transmission line project at Taman Cheras Hartamas yesterday.

The visit was also accompanied by representatives from Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd who are involved in monitoring the land sustainability and Selangor State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN).

At the same time, Zaidy also said that the State Government had also imposed additional conditions to TNB such as installing safety fencing along the line and establishing a ‘control-tower’ to continuously report the project’s progress to the State Government.

“TNB is also asked to ensure measures are taken as per specifications to prevent flash floods and to control surface running water in the event of heavy rain,” he said.


Qurban reveals the true meaning of sacrifice


SHAH ALAM, SEP 13: The story of sacrifice by Prophet Ibrahim AS and his family is an example of the true meaning of Aidiladha for the Muslim community.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said sacrifice must be based on values of sincerity for it to be rewarded by Allah.

“Take the ‘ibrah’ or wisdom from the story where the family of Prophet Ibrahim AS sacrificed the most valuable thing to him.

“That was the the real meaning of sacrifice and all that was done for Allah SWT,” he said in a speech in conjunction with Aidiladha.

Muslims throughout the world celebrate Aidiladha from September 12, from 10 to 12 Zulhijjah.


The celebration is to remember the incident of Prophet Ibrahim being commanded to slaughter his son, Prophet Ismail.

Obeying the order, Prophet Ibrahim tried to slaughter Prophet Ismail with a very sharp knife. However, the knife would not cut Prophet Ismail.

What had happened was a miracle from Allah, reaffirming that the command to sacrifice Ismail as a test of Prophet Ibrahim’s loyalty.

Prophet Ismail was then immediately replaced with a sacrificial goat and that ultimately became the beginning of Aidiladha celebrations across the world.


Agriculture master plan drawn up to boost state revenue


SHAH ALAM, AUG 9: The State Government is actively formulating an agricultural master plan for the next 10 years, with long-term agricultural development initiatives.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said the plan consists of initiatives to increase the state’s agricultural produce.

“In principle, this master plan outlines a few matters that need to be reviewed and studied, especially efforts to increase agricultural output.

“This includes agricultural products for vegetables, cattle, broilers and aqua-culture food,” he said in a statement.

Selangor has previously been the highest Gross Domestic Product contributor to the country with 5.2% contribution from agriculture.

The earnings encouraged Menteri Besar Dato ‘Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali to approve a RM31.6 million budget for agricultural development programmes.


Zaidy said the provision encourages modern agricultural initiatives which are in line with the 2016 Budget theme, Smart Selangor.

In a similar development, Zaidy said the State Government has also implemented the Youths Agro Programme for those aged between 18 and 40 years old.

The initiative was created as the State Government’s commitment to help young people get directly involved in the state’s agriculture.


Air Selangor considered for water facility license approvals


SHAH ALAM, JUL 8:  The Selangor Government is considering a long-term plan to give the processing of approvals for service licenses to the state water management body.

Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industries Exco Zaidy Abdul Talib said the matter is still being discussed to identify the best mechanism for the benefit of Selangor citizens.

“New proposals and plans will be implemented after Air Selangor receives its facility and service licenses and approval on its business plan.

“At the moment, the Federal and State Government are still discussing the best mechanism with which to give the service and facility licenses to Air Selangor,” he said when contacted by SelangorKini.

Prior to this, on August 2 last year, the Federal and State Governments had signed a main agreement on the restructuring of water services industry and a long-term solution for Selangor.

This means the State Government will be in full control of the three concessionaire companies which have agreed to the RM9.65 billion takeover bid.

Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd, Selangor Water Supply Company Pvt Ltd (Syabas) and Abbass Consortium Pvt Ltd (Abbas) agreed to the bid, while the Selangor Water Production Company Pvt Ltd (Splash) will be taken over via the Water Services Industry Act.

The State Government also resolved the water crisis in Selangor through long term plans and mitigation projects that are expected to provide sufficient and clean water across the state.