400 Women Celebrate an Evening of Cooking Together with Abby Abadi

SUNGAI BESAR, 13 Nov: About 400 women around Parit Lapan Gambut Sungai Panjang were given the opportunity to learn to how to cook Japanese Fried Rice, Steamed Banana Cake and Thai-style Green Curry Beef from guest Chefs at the Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) .

Chef Zulkifli and Ched Jamili guided them under the ‘an Evening of Cooking Together with Abby Abadi’ programme held at Desa Permai Square here.

The programme was launched by Selangor Chief Minister’s wife, Puan Sri Salbiah Tunut.

In her speech she said that women should play an important role in national development by actively engaging in community outreach programmes.

She said that there are many programmes under the State Government available to women through the State Economic Agenda (MES) to benefit from.

“The women’s programme is featured in the SelangorKU Grant which allocated about RM30 million for women.”

“The Selangor government is a caring government and we do not want people in this state to suffer,” said Salbiah.

In addition, Salbiah clarified, under the Selangor Women’s Welfare and Charity Organisation (Pekawanis), edible garden programmes are getting the attention of women through special grants for agricultural projects.

“Currently under the edible gardens programme we have natural farming projects to plant vegetables in poly bags and that the State Government funds participants to receive 250 free poly bags with compost soil and drainage system at RM2, 700 once,” he said.

She said the program which is now being extended to every constituency from time to time, is able to generate additional income for housewives.

During the program, the community was given the opportunity to mingle with Puan Sri Salbiah together with Abby casually.

Abby in a friendly session told her story of how she moved from the acting world and ventured into effort missions in this country.

“So I get something that I did not have in myself while fulfilling Umrah and I’m now grateful that in these days when people reject religious leaders and charitable works, Allah has brought me closer to Him,” she said.

Also participating in the programme were District Head of Sabak Bernam, Zailani Kadir, Sungai Panjang State Assembly Coordinator of the Centre of Service Coordinator, Fadzlin Taslimin and former lecturer at UIA Law, Dr Aziz Bari.

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