Selangor Shines in Kafa Examination

SHAH ALAM, 14 Dec: Selangor achieved 100 percent of students who passed their 2012 Kafa Class Writing Examination (UPKK) thus altogether emerging as the best state with 1.55 points, followed by Malacca and Terengganu.

Education, Higher Education, and Human Capital Development Exco, Dr Halimah Ali said that overall, the Kuala Selangor district emerged as the best district with a National Average Grade (GPN) of 1.36.

This was followed by Sepang with a GPN of 1.46 and the Hulu Selangor district with a GPN of 1.48.

She said that a total of 15,933 students took the test whicht began last October.

From the amount, a total of 8,624 candidates managed to obtain an A ranking as compared to 6,617 candidates in 2011.

For the achievement of an aggregate of 8As, 2,613 candidates obtained it as compared to 1,185 in 2011 where the district with the highest percentage of candidates obtaining 8As was Kuala Selangor at 34.05 percent followed by Kuala Langat, 23.23 percent and Klang with a percentage of 22.54.

By subject, Amali Solat and Appreciating Muslim Lifestyle recorded the highest pass rate of 100 percent and 98.98 percent for Al Qur’an.

Halimah added that the increase in student achievement in the exam proves the effectiveness of educational programmes conducted by the State Government over the years.

Clearly, the state government under the administration of Pakatan Rakyat has always had the view that the Islamic education system in Selangor is able to produce students who excel in any field.

She said that besides the mission of making Selangor an educational hub, it is hoped that the Islamic education system in Selangor would be the best example.

“This success is expected to continue into the next year and the State Government will be planning other initiatives for education in the Selangor.

“The main core of the State Government is to drive individual modernisation,” she said when contacted.

For the record, thirteen states have recorded hundred percent passes in the 2012 UPKK examinations compared to 12 states last year.

The Federal Territory only achieved 99 percent passes.

In total, 24,962 candidates achieved 8As compared to 17,684 in 2011. Terengganu managed to obtain the highest amount of 8As which is 21.69 percent followed by Malacca at 21.50 percent and 18.34 percent for Sabah.

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