Yatt Hamzah: Emulate Selangor, Get Close to ‘Y’ Generation


SHAH ALAM, 30 Dec: Popular artist, Yatt Hamzah commended the State Government’s move in addressing the younger generation in the state.

She said that programmes such as the Generation ‘Y’ Seminar which was held at the Silver Jubilee Hall, State Secretariat Building, should be emulated by other State Governments.

Such seminars could provide guidance to the younger generation to prepare themselves in facing the challenges of today’s life.

“It’s content is good as it in the form of knowledge and also entertainment to attract young people, congratulations to the State Government,” said Yatt or also known by her real name, Haryati Hamzah, when she was met by TV Selangor at the seminar.


Another artist, Mel Wings whose real name is Ismail Zainuddin said that he was surprised to see the overwhelming response from the younger generation towards the seminar.

“This programme is very good, it should happen more frequently, either once a month or once a week because it is able to provide a guidance to young people on how to face the challenges of the world which is becoming increasingly challenging, according to Allah’s Fitra,” said Mel.

Meanwhile, participants that were interviewed also praised the programme which was organised by the State Government.

University students of Mara Institute of Technology (UiTM), Iiman Bte Mohd Zaki, 24, also suggested for this seminar to become an annual event with a more streamlined compilation of programmes.

“It has been done last year and this year, I think that it should be continued by largely promoting it and earlier.

“Although this week is a study week due to exams, many of my friends attended it, however if there have been more and earlier promotion, surely more would come,” said Iiman.

Mohammad Taufiq Ramli said that this seminar is capable of attracting the youth as it provides a balanced programme for the young.

“Earlier, we saw an Ulama, prominent psychologist Assoc Prof Dr Mariani and also artists.

“It can help teenagers recognise their identity as generation X, Y and so on.

Earlier, the Generation ‘Y’ Seminar received good response when it successfully managed to gather almost 1,000 youngsters from across Selangor.


Among the invited leaders at the seminar was Associate Professor Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah, a lecturer from the Department of Media Studies at University of Malaya (UM), Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Shariah and Law, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) and lecturer from the Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling, University of Malaya (UM) Education Faculty, Associate Professor Dr Mariani Md Nor.

In addition, the seminar which was opened to all youngsters was also graced by popular artists Yatt Hamzah, Diana Amir and Mel Wings, who is now an active independent evangelist as a panelist in a forum titled Gen ‘Y’ and Art.

Apart from the Gen ‘Y’ and Art forum, also included in the seminar was Gen ‘Y’ Expression Towards Missionary, New Media Phenomenon: Attitude and Perspective of Gen ‘Y’ and five other segments.



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