Merdeka Stadium The Official Location For Jan 12 Assembly


KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Jan: The People’s Uprising Assembly 112 (HKR112) confirms that Merdeka Stadium will be the official venue of the people’s assembly this Saturday.

This was informed by the HKR112 Organising Chairman, Mohammad Sabu (Mat Sabu) in a special press conference at the PAS headquarters.

This agreement was obtain through a letter which was received at 2.30 pm, just now, as a result of previous discussions between the organisers and the stadium management.

“We, the HKR secretariat, thank the Stadium management for allowing its (Merdeka Stadium) usage.

We will send representatives to discuss the rules of coordination.We will discuss it at ten, tomorrow morning,” he said.

Mat Sabu clarified that he would inform of the consent obtained to the Chief of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar to ensure that a peaceful assembly takes place, simultaneously creating a ‘Historical Moment’ in the country.

Apart from that, the organisers will also send representatives to discuss with the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters for the purpose of coordinating the situation of the assembly.

Mat Sabu added that this assembly will take place from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

Meanwhile, PKR Vice-President, Tian Chua, when asked is there are any last minute cancellation of approval, he explained that they are ready and will ensure that it carries out well.

“I expect that we have already made preparations at Merdeka Stadium despite the delay and everyone is prepared that this is a mark in history. Merdeka Stadium is once again for the use of the people.

“This is a peaceful assembly.We translate it as the people’s demands which will be brought up in GE-13,” he added.

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