PKNS: Section 18 Project Increases Bumiputera Property Value


SHAH ALAM, 4 Jan: The Selangor State Development Corporation 9PKNS) explained that the construction of 60 units of 13 storey apartments in Section 18 here is aimed at increasing Bumiputera property values in Shah Alam.

This is after the quota of low, medium-low and medium cost housing has long been fulfilled by PKNS.

PKNS Public Relations Manager, Ishak Hashim said that the development in Shah Alam is based on the Shah Alam Structure Plan where PKNS would have to meet development plans specified by the State Government following the breakdown of 20 percent low cost houses, 20 percent medium-low cost houses and 10 percent medium cost houses.

“PKNS has already fulfilled the quota set in the housing planning policy through the construction of 14,240 low cost housing units (32.2 percent), 9,386 medium-low housing units (21.29 percent) and 4,476 units of medium cost houses (10.16 percent) in Shah Alam,” he said.

More than 63 percent of PKNS property projects in Shah Alam envelop low cost, medium-low and medium cost compared to the 50 percent quota set. Meanwhile, the other 37 percent are medium-high and high cost.

For PKNS housing projects in Section 1 to Section 24, Shah Alam, more than 95 percent have been purchased by the Bumiputera community. Cities developed by PKNS such as Bangi and Shah Alam is more favoured by the Bumiputera community.

The figure is higher than the 70 percent Bumiputera quota adopted by PKNS and is much higher than the 30 percent Bumiputera quota imposed on other developers.

This proves that PKNS is still committed and will not shy away from the original objective of its establishment to help the people of Selangor, particularly the Bumiputera community in owning a perfect and affordable home.

“Claims saying the PKNS is trying to push-out and drive the Bumiputera community away from Shah Alam by the stated construction project is unfounded seeing that as many as 113,552 out of 124, 664 housing units built by PKNS as of now, consists of low and medium cost houses while the rest are high cost that, for all this time, has been benefiting the people of Shaha Alam,” he said.

Ishak said that the construction project is expected to add a positive value in addition to enhancing the development image of the surrounding areas, in fact the development proposal has been approved by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA).

He added that the profits from the construction project of high cost housing will eventually be redirected to the people of Selangor through subsidising affordable housing projects and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.PKNS affordable housing projects in Bukit Botak and Bandar Baru Bangi has respectively been allocated subsidies of RM80 million and RM12 million.

As a whole, PKNS will build 12,000 affordable housing units in a time span of eight years, till 2020, with a total subsidy of RM1.1 billion. This includes Antara Gapi, Bernam Jaya, Kota Puteri, Taman Sains Selangor 2, Section U12 Petaling and several other locations across Selangor.

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