Selangor Trains Women To Save Themselves From Being Victims Of Crime


SHAH ALAM, Jan 13: Today, the Women Against Crime Campaign Programme organised by the Selangor State Government was well received by the women in Selangor.

Many who were met saw this campaign, which was launched at the Shah Alam Stadium Bazarena Site, is capable of creating awareness and to provide useful knowledge for women when dealing with criminals.

The campaign which was attended by 100 participants was launched by the Selangor Grant Steering Committee Chairman, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail this morning.


According to Ina Fiona, 41, a participant of the campaign from Ampang, women should be serious towards safety guides and tips highlighted at the campaign.

“Guidance given such as carrying whistles and pepper sprays everywhere was previously unthinkable but after hearing the explanation, it is a valuable aid in times of panic.

“The self-defense moves shown in the earlier demonstration also seemed difficult, but it can be practiced, often training at home is needed,” she said.


Roslina Udin, 34, from Shah Alam meanwhile said that campaigns like this should be continued because women are often easy targets of criminals.

At the same press conference, Wan Azizah said that crimes against women have increased such as cases of snatch theft, murder, rape and so on, and what the Federal Government is doing is to only give the perception that the crime index has decreased.

Welfare, Women’s Affairs, Science, Technology, Innovation and Culture Exco, Rodziah Ismail said that previously, the State Government took measures to strengthen the One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC) to assist women who are victims of rape or similar cases.

To date there are six hospitals providing OSCC services throughout Selangor.

“The launch of the Women Against Crime Campaign today is only the beginning and will continue throughout Selangor to ensure that women, particularly in Selangor, are able to share knowledge.

Earlier, during the launch of the campaign which was also attended by the Selangor Deputy Speaker, Haniza Talha and Rawang Assemblywoman, Gan Pei Nei, about 500 whistles, pepper sprays and safety tip cards were distributed to the public who were present at the Shah Alam Morning Market.

Apart from that, also featured in the same programme was a demonstration of simple measures that can be practised by women to escape when attacked by criminals.

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