Sports Complex Land Made Into Luxury Apartment


SHAH ALAM, 24 JAN: In the past, the community around Section 25, Taman Sri Muda should have gotten a Sports Recreation Complex and a Community Centre for the purpose of leisure and gatherings.

However, as a result of political interference during the Umno-BN administration era, the seven acres of land for these projects have been used to build a 691-unit luxury apartment.

The development project of five apartment blocks with seven to 14 floors began after obtaining consent from the State Executive Council (MKNN) in 2007.

DAP Deputy State Secretary, Ng Suee Lim claimed that the land title was given to the Kota Raja Umno Division with a nominal price of only RM1,000 compared to the market price of almost RM10 million.

He said that the land involved is one of the 24 pieces of land throughout the state that was purchased at a very cheap price; a premium of RM1 per square metre, by the Umno-BN party.

The Sekinchan Assemblyman also claimed that the land in Taman Sri Muda was supposed to have been divided between the Kota Raja Umno Division and the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA).

“The Klang District Land Office committee fixed that 4 acres of land were to be given to MBSA and three acres to be given to the Kota Raja Umno Division at current prices.

“However after the MKNN meeting, 4 acres were given to Umno and 3 acres were given to MBSA at a nominal price of only RM1,000.

“But from what we have observed and according to development plans obtained, almost all of the seven acres are owned by the Kota Raja Umno Division.

“MBSA was only given a hall with an area of less than an acre,” he said in a press conference at the project development site.

Also present was the PKR Chief of Information, Shuhaimi Shafei.

Suee Lim added that in 2005, there was a total of 11 applications from private companies to build residential or business buildings.

However, applications to build the sports complex were also received from the former Seri Muda Assemblyman, Datuk Amzah Omar.

“Because the Kota Raja Division Umno Chief was also one of their (Umno-BN) cronies, they gave it to him,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shuhaimi said that the scandal he dubbed the ‘1Malaysia Land Grab’ or ‘Sapu Tanah 1 Malaysia’ (SaT1M) was another evidence of improper conduct by Umno-BN.

“The SaT1M scandal is being questioned when we see Local Authorities (PBT) being used by their (Umno-BN) political party.

“Through the cooperation of Umno-BN and developers, the party is able to gain millions of Ringgit. The price of a single unit of this apartment is now more than RM250,000,” he said.

In relation to the issue, he recommended that all parties involved in the matter to pay a sum of money to MBSA as the land owned by MBSA was also taken for the purpose of the said development.


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