Angsana Kindergarten Not Under MPSJ’s Responsibility


SHAH ALAM, 7 FEB: Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) today denied reports that they disserviced the students of the Pangsapuri Angsana Community Development Department (Kemas) Kindergarten operating at USJ 1 Community Hall by not settling the water bill.

Instead, according to a statement issued by the MPSJ Corporate Planning Public Relations Department, the bill in in fact not under the responsibility of MPSJ, as claimed several days ago.

MPSJ acknowledged that previously they had decided to place the management of the community hall under the jurisdiction of the Residents Committee (JKP), which is responsible for the management of the hall, including utility bills under the grant provided by MPSJ.

The decision was also consistent with the policy decided by the State Government in 2008, that the management of the community hall is under the jurisdiction of the Local Authorities (PBT).

“However, there are a number of community halls still under the management of Kemas.

“In this case, the USJ 1 Community Centre where Angsana Kemas kindergarten operates from maintains its management under Kemas, including the management of utility bills payment,” according to the statement.

MPSJ had denied that they had deliberately not settled the bill, causing the water supply to be cut of, eventually disrupting the learning process of children at the said kindergarten.

“MPSJ would also like to express our sympathy regarding water supply being cut.

“However, MPSJ understands that the utility bills have been settled by Kemas on 5 February,” the statement added.

Previously, the mainstream media had blamed MPSJ in an issue of cutting off water supply of the two session kindergarten by claiming that MPSJ failed to pay arrears amounting to RM430.16.

Following the arrears, Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas – Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor) officers carried out operations to cut the water supply to the kindergarten.

However, the bills were then paid off by concerned citizens who were attentive to the needs of almost 100 students there.

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