Selangor Government Discusses Dissolving State Legislative Assembly Early


SHAH ALAM, 13 FEB: Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will be holding a meeting with the Pakatan Rakyat State Legislative Assembly this week to discuss the proposed dissolution of the Selangor State Assembly after the Chap Goh Meh celebrations.

According to Abdul Khalid, the result of the discussion will be announced soon seeing that the state leadership has returned to duty after the Chinese New Year celebrations.

“(Confirmation of dissolution and meetings) has yet to be decided, it will be announced after the meeting this week,” he answered.

Prior to this, the State Government expressed their wish to dissolve the Selangor State Assembly earlier should the Federal Government still give no indication as to when Parliament will be dissolved.

The State Government is of the opinion that the 13th General Elections (GE-13) cannot be delayed any longer and is ready to dissolve the state assembly earlier to give mandate to the people to elect a new government.

Previously, Abdul Khalid said that the aim as to why the State Government wants to dissolve earlier is to pressure the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to announce the dissolution earlier.

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