Water Issues: The State Government Will Send A Letter To The Finance Ministry


KLANG, 15 FEB: The State Government will be sending a letter to the Finance Ministry to agree to the offer to take over the water management operations in Selangor.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the Ministry of Finance, as the shareholder of the golden share in the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas – Water Issues: The State Government Sent A Letter To The Ministry of Finance) has been asked to receive the offer presented by the State Government.

“I will write a letter to the Ministry of Finance to agree to my offer,” he said.

He said this while speaking to reporters after officiating the Third Klang Bridge Groundbreaking Ceremony at Jalan Tepi Sungai, Klang today.

Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, prior to this stated that the Federal Government has no problems with Selangor’s efforts to restructure the water industry in the state.

Hence, Abdul Khalid assumed that the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui would say that the Federal Government will not object should the State Government want to take over the management of water supply for the state.

However, he said that saying that there will be no objections shows an unprofessional attitude of the Federal Government in dealing with the water issue.

He explained that saying that there would be no restrictions is inaccurate. Peter Chin should have answered that they agree to the State Government taking over the water in Selangor.

“The federal Government agrees that the State Government is entitled to takeover the concessionaires as stated in the law concerning water (Water Services Industry Act 2006),” he clarified.

In the meantime, the State Government will announce the offer to all of the concessionaires starting from next week.

“We will announce our offer next week and it is up to the concessionaires to accept it or to not,” he said.

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