Choose A Responsible Leader To Protect Women


SHAH ALAM, 8 Mar: Women have been urged to play a smart role in choosing a leader for a safer and more peaceful Malaysia.

Executive Councillor for Women’s Affairs, Rodziah Ismail said that this change is critical to the formation of a new government which is more attentive in implementing policies that benefits everyone, especially women.

“Cases of crime and violence against women still persists and defending women is still a hardship for them,” she explained in a special address in conjunction with the 2013 International Women’s Day today.

Rodziah who is also the Batu Gajah Assemblyman added that the role played by women in not merely a trend but rather a responsibility to ensure that the country is free from corruption, abuse of power and betrayal.

“The key measure in determining the success of a governance is the extend of the sense of peace and security which can be enjoyed by the people, which covers the aspects of freedom of speech, assembly and so on, provided by the constitution.

“Enjoying a sense of safety and peace is the foundation of a good and quality community lifestyle, and to create an atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect among the people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds,” she stressed.

Therefore, in order to achieve the goal, she urged the women of Malaysia, particularly women from Selangor, to unite to make changes at the federal leadership.

“This is because amendments of existing acts and the creation of new acts, the enforcement machinery of reform, judicial system reform, a reform of fair and equitable distribution of income and the national budget, is under the jurisdiction of the federal government,” she said.

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