More Families To Receive School Bus Fare Assistance


KLANG, 18 Mar: The encouraging response by parents towards the school bus fare assistance has caused the State Government to plan to extend the scheme to low-income families.

The school bus fare subsidy is one of the programmes implemented by the State Government over the past three years under the ‘Localising the Selangor Economy’ (MES – Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor) agenda.

Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Executive Councillor, Dr Xavier Jayakumar said that the contribution of RM300 per family enables them to support school bus fares for one child for 10 months.

“This contribution is also given to families earning below RM1,500.

“However, due to the encouraging response, we will try to provide for families earning RM3,000 and below. I will propose this to the State Government,” said Dr Xavier who is also the Sri Andalas Assemblyman.

Yesterday, Dr Xavier presented the contributions to 62 families from the Andalas constituency at a ceremony at the Klang Municipal Council Sports Hall here at Andalas.


Xavier said that the scheme does not only help children of plantation workers but also city dwellers.

The contribution involves a provision of MR18,600.

“Our aim of providing assistance is to help families lessen their burdens due to the increase in oil prices at the moment as well as a high standard of living,” he said.

Housewife, Norizah Marwan, 48, was pleased with the assistance received by her son, Amir Irfan, 13, because until now, they have never received such benefits.

“Thanks to the State Government that is very concerned with the hardships of its citizens. I am very happy.

“It helps my family a lot. My husband only works as a truck driver and five of our children are still schooling, so it greatly reduces our family’s burdens,” she said.

Meanwhile, for the Village Head of Kampung Sungai Kandis, Miswan Salleh, 58, said that the current State Government administration is much better than before.

This is because Pakatan Rakyat leaders are far more concerned about the hardships of the people.


“We are grateful to the State Government for being attentive to our problems. I hope that this school bus subsidy will continue in the future,” he said.

At the function, more than 300 students who excelled in their Primary School Assessment Test (UPSR) received certificates of appreciation and cash consolation prizes which involved 15 schools.

An excellent student, M.Aaron Raj, 13, said that the results of his efforts to study previously was replied when he received 5As in the UPSR.

“I was excited by TB presented this contribution and this certificate. I feel appreciated,” he said.

Another student, Syukrin Hanah Shahrul Azman, 13, was happy to receive the consolation contribution.

Thank you YB. It feels like this consolation is a reply of my efforts over the years,” said Syukrin who aspires to be an engineer.


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