Natural Farming adds RM2,000 to Farmer’s Income

TANJONG KARANG, 8th MAR: The Natural Farming System has been successful in reaching an additional average of RM2,000 a month for vegetable farmers and paddy field owners in Selangor, said Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

The additional income stems from a reduction in cost from lesser pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which also serves to increase the quality of the product at the same time.

At the end of 2012, the estimate income of participants of the Natural Farming project stood at RM 337,590.00 through the selling of products such as Sri Anak, Sri Bunga dan Sri Buah.

“When eating the rice from the Tanjong Karang and Sabak Bernam, you know that the rice does not have chemicals in them and are purely natural,” said Abdul Khalid.4b

Previously, Selangorkini reported that natural farming isone of the new farming techniques being widely reccommended by the State Government in efforts to boost the income of farmers.

Abdul Khalid made the statement at a Kuala Selangor District Incentive Presentation for Farmers program held at yard of a Sawah Sempadan mosque.

During the function, Abdul Khalid presented incentives to 43 blocks of paddy fields in the district of Kuala Selangor.

The incentives were given in the form of bowler machines and water pumps costing roughly RM3,500 to representatives of the 43 blocks of paddy fields and can be used to pump water, planting crops and applying pesticide.

Up to RM268,000 has been set aside in incentive so that paddy field owners will be motivated to increase production and boost revenue.4c

“In 2012, six Natural Farming Community Centres were established northwest of Sabak Bernam.”

“This farming success must be seen in terms of how they achieved technological improvement in increasing their revenues,” Abdul Khalid said.

In another instance, Modern Agriculture Methods, Natural Resources and Entrepreneurship Development Exco Dr Yaakob Sapari said that natural farming can reduce the production costs up to RM1,200 a season.

“Efforts are being made so that systematic management of paddy can be achieved scientifically while boosting income simultaneously,” kata Yaakob.

In the same function as before, Abdul Khalid launched a book titled ‘Guide to Making and using Sri Organik Products’ which were written by Salehuddin Yahya and Noorazimah Taharim.

Also present was Kuala Selangor District Officer Mohd Yasid Bidin and Sabak Bernam District Officer Mohd Zainal Mohd Nor.

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