Previously Vote in Malaysia, Now Forced to Vote Via Post in Taiwan


KUALA LUMPUR, 19 Apr: The Election Commission (EC) claims to have registered ordinary voters as postal voters without their knowledge for the GE-13, said PKR Treasurer General, William Leong Jee Keen.

William obtained evidence where some Malaysians studying in Taiwan are registered as postal voters even though they had previously registered as ordinary voters or have never registered to vote.

He was confident that there are not only three cases as revealed today, but there are many more cases where certain parties made registrations secretly for Umno-BN’s political gain.

“This shows that this election (GE-13) faced is very dirty. The Home Minister (Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein) should give an explanation pertaining to this matter.

“We state that the action taken is a cowardly act by the Umno-BN government,” he said in a press statement today.

Today, the three cases that were revealed involved Ho Kin Khee, 30, and Liew Chern, 26, who previously studied in Taiwan and were registered as postal voters for the GE-13.

William claims that in cases of registering without the knowledge of the actual individual, certain quarters will use this identities to vote on 5 May.

He suggested for the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak to be fair and hand over this right of the people to determine their future in the election.

“If he truly believes in democracy and says that the Umno-BN government has changed with all transformation programmes, he must act immediately to ensure that all of these voters are given their rights,” he said.

One of the victims, Ho Kin Khee, explained that he had registered as a voter in Subang Jaya in 2010 and was surprised to find that he was registered as a postal voter when he came back to Malaysia.

“I had never filled a form to cast my vote via post. Do I have to go back to Taiwan to vote?

“I registered as an ordinary voter in 2010 but I am confused by the EC’s response that I had registered as a postal voter in February 2008 through the Malaysian embassy in Taiwan,” he said.

The incumbent for the Rawang State Legislative Assembly, Gan Pei Nei, said that the EC should be neutral in this matter and conduct a fair and clean election.

“It looks like certain quarters made these mass registrations.

“Previously, many cases have been raised and apparently, there if no drastic action from the EC to convince the public that the General Election this time will be clean and transparent.

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