Proposal to Form Independent Panel for the Reference of Bukit Botak Residents


SELAYANG, 29 Apr: Selangor Pakatan Rakyat (PR) plans to set up an independent panel to resolve any concerns faced by the residents in relation to home ownership in Bukit Botak.


Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has hinted that the panel lineup will consist of district leaders and several appointed government officials.

However, he said, it can only be implemented if PR is given the mandate again to administer Selangor after the 13th General Election (GE-13) on 5 May.

“Residents who are not satisfied because they are not given homes can refer to the independent panel which we will appoint later on. If residents feel that they truly deserve (to own homes) and should be given justice, refer to this panel.

“This is only a recommendation; I have not received approval from government officials yet. We will implement it after the election,” he said at a press conference after delivering the notice to surrender the keys to single-storey semi-detached houses here at Bukit Botak.

Also present was the Executive Councillor for Housing, Building Management and Squatters, Iskandar Abdul Samad.

At the event, 232 residents received the keys to their respective homes.


The detached house project in Bukit Botak was first implemented in September 2010 after the State Government took over the abandoned project which should have been implemented by a developer.

The project would house 1,422 units of single-storey semi-detached homes on 165 acres of land which is expected to be occupied by the middle of next month.

This residences will be sold at RM99,000 per unit for a standard unit

In the meantime, Abdul Khalid also said that the houses built under the Selangor PR government have a high property value which will benefit the people in the long run.

He added that since 2008, the State Government has successfully completed over 30 percent of abandoned projects and Bukit Botak is the catalyst of solving further projects in the state.

“Most of the low-cost houses built by developers are not of high quality to save cost and it does not take into account the interests of the residents.


“What does it mean if they want to help the people by providing homes that are not profitable to them? The PR government is committed in providing homes where its value can be maintained,” he added.

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