Rashdi: 95 Percent of Chinese Voters in Tanjong Karang Support PAS


TANJONG KARANG, 27 Apr: As the 13th General Election (GE-13) draws near, support from the Chinese community in Tanjong Karang has increased and is positive towards the PAS candidate for the Parliamentary seat of the area.

Voters in Chinese villages like Kampung Bagan Pasir, Kampung Bagan Baru Sungai Yu, and Kampung Bagan Tengkorak, give their clear support towards PAS candidate, Muhammad Rashdi Deraman.

According to Rashdi, nearly 95 percent of Chinese voters met expressed their support towards him during a campaign and visit campaign he has been carrying out since a week ago.

“For almost a week, the support from the Chinese community is among the best, nearly 95 percent are with us,” said Rashdi who is the Tanjong Karang PAS Deputy President.

He said that on average, Chinese voters are no longer scared to express support for PAS.

In similar developments, former Umno Vice-President who is now with PAS, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib also praised the Chinese voters in Tanjong Karang for daring to make a difference.

Muhammad said that the existence of the PAS Supporters Assembly (DHPP) in the town of Tanjong Karang is a clear symbol of the Chinese community’s support towards PAS.

“This was not done in an instant. Educating non-Muslims till they believe in wearing the green shirt with the symbol of the moon and to be together under an Islamic movement is not easy.

“So I congratulate all of you present,” he said in a ceramah (talk) series at Kampung Sungai Tengi Kanan recently.

“The success and struggle of PAS in fighting for Islam has come to the brink of success,” said the former Chief Minister of Selangor.

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