226 Single Mother Throughout Malaysia Received the BSK Alimony Advance Assistance


SHAH ALAM, 31 May: A total of 226 single mothers and women all over Malaysia have received the alimony advance from the Department of Shariah Judiciary Malaysia (JKSM) worth RM550,879 as of April this year.

From the total, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur registered the highest alimony advance payment with a total of RM285, 690 followed by Terengganu, RM78,590, and Selangor, RM64,250.

The alimony advance is a living assistance given to single mothers and wives abandoned by their respective husbands.

Meanwhile, their husbands have been ordered by court to pay the amount back to JKSM.

JKSM Shariah Court Judge, Datuk Seri Md Yusup Che Teh said that the amount of recoveries so far stands at RM47,800 representing 51 payers at a percentage of 8.7.

“Each department at BSK will monitor the implementation of the alimony issued by the Shariah Court to ensure that former husbands pay the set amount to their ex-wives.

“As of April 2013, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur recorded the highest recoveries amounting to RM21,550

This was followed by Terengganu, RM11,950, and Penang, RM8,100,” he said in a press conference in conjunction with the BSK Transit and Presenting of Alimony Advance Launching Ceremony at the Sultan Idris Shah Shariah Court here this morning.

Also present were Department of Selangor Shariah Judiciary Syarie Chief Judge, Datuk Mukhyuiddin Ibrahim, Selangor Mufti, Datuk Setia Mohd Tamyes Abd Wahid and the Chief Executive Officer for the Selangor Zakat Board, Mohamed Izam Mohamed Yusof.

He added that a total of 1,581 cases have been registered under the Enforcement and Execution Unit for the Family Support Section Division (SBSK) throughout Malaysia as of December 2012.

From the total, he said that 824 cases have been resolved through enforcement action undertaken by state SBSK with a total percentage of 55.11 percent.


In the meantime, he also officiated the first BSK Transit services in Selangor which provides accommodation, transportation and free meals to anyone attending case proceedings at the Shariah High Court.

He explained that these services are provided to those who cannot afford it and are outside the Klang Valley, including court witnesses and those having cases at any tribunals.

“Until now, there are four BSK Transit housing units provided by JKSM at Jalan Duta Government Housing Quarters and housing areas in Precinct 9, Putrajaya.

“Selangor became the first state after JKSM successfully established the BSK Transit to help distressed parties to attend court proceedings at the Shariah Court,” he explained.

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