PKR Claims Three Robbery Suspects Killed by the Police


PETALING JAYA, 17 May: Killed by the police. That is what PKR claims from the autopsy report findings from three jewellery robbery suspects who were shot dead at Taman Bilion, Cheras in 14 April 2012.

The People’s Justice Party (PKR) Vice-president, N Surendran with lawyer, Latheefa Koya made the allegations at a press conference here at the PKR headquarters today.

Two brothers, Noor Azman Othman, 39 and Aidi Noor Hafizal Othman, 23, with a friend, Saufi Ahmad, 23, were suspects of a gold shop robbery in Shah Alam.

They were shot dead at the Taman Billion roundabout early in the morning of 14 April 2012.

According to the Head of the Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department, Datuk Ku Chin Wah, the three suspects were shot dead when one of them opened fire towards the police.

However, Surendran, also the Padang Serai MP, claimed that the autopsy report showed that Azman was shot while he was on his knees.

“The autopsy report found that the bullet the victim was shot with was not shot from the front, but the position of the bullet indicates that it came from the top down, and right to left.”

“Azman was shot eight times while Aidi was shot 11 times.

“The police version was a lie. If truly there was a shootout, the bullets should have come from the front, not from top down,” said Surendren in a press conference at the PKR headquarters.

Surendran also claimed that the autopsy report also found that Azman suffered injuries to his head and forehead as well as on his body, indicating that there was a struggle.

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