SELESA Enactment, A Selangor State Assembly Reform Agenda


SHAH ALAM, June 21: The combination of the new Speaker and her Deputy, Hannah Yeoh and Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, are optimistic that the Selangor State Assembly Service Assembly Enactment (SELESA) will be successfully realised in this second term.

Hannah said that the implementation of the Bill is among the reformation agendas which are expected to bring about change and to improve the quality of the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) sessions.

“We expect when the enactment is approved, we will provide more facilities to the DNS session.

“This includes providing more assistance to Assemblymen for them to carry out research better before an issue is debated.

“This will definitely make the quality of the debate better, hence benefiting the people,” said Hannah who is also the Subang Jaya Assemblywoman.

She said this in a press conference at the Annex Building of the State Secretariat Building soon after the Oath Swearing Ceremony this morning.

Nik Nazmi, who was also present at the press conference, explained that the SELESA enactment is important to be implemented so that an independent and professional administration team under the direction of the Speaker can be created.


The enactment will divide the government power into three parts; the executive power under the Chief Minister, the judiciary body under the power of the Federal Government and state laws, and the legislative power to be fully under the DNS.

“When the DNS is free from the influence of the executive, monitoring and reviews of the administration can be carried out comprehensively without any restrictions and excessive bureaucracy,” said Nik Nazmi.

He added that the Bill is not a new practice because before it was abolished in 1992, the Parliament also had the Parliamentary Service Act which managed daily operations and financial management of the House of Representatives with interference from the executive.

The SELESA enactment was first drafted in 2009, and is now being studied in detail by the State Government Exco line-up as well as Selangor legal advisors.

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