Selangor Consistent in Helping in the Palestinian Struggle


SHAH ALAM, July 1: The citizens and the Selangor State Government has continued to give moral and material support to the struggle of the Palestinians.

Islamic Affairs Exco, Sallehen Mukhyi said that the Selangor Government will be the earth and shelter for people oppressed by the Israeli Zionist regime’s cruelty.

“I feel confident with the rise of Islam in Selangor and the meeting, leaning as well as studies to produce a community that will provide support to the Muslims in Palestine and around the world.

“The Shah Alam Independence Square has witnessed the support towards the rise of Muslims in liberating the Palestinian land from the Zionist regime’s cruelty,” he said.

He said this in front of 1,000 people during the Community Liberation Munajat Ceremony which was held here at the Shah Alam Independence Square.

Sallehen said, he was confident that the struggle of Muslims in Palestine will gain victory in the near future.


“We hope that the hearts and minds of the people of Selangor will continue to be with Muslim communities everywhere and we are ready to assemble at any time.

“And we are ready to help those who are oppressed anywhere,” he said.

In the event, which was also attended by the PAS President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang as the Council Member for the Al-Quds Trust holder also led the prayers and Munajat for the liberation of the community.

In his speech, he urged for the 3 billion of Muslims to have the strength to return to the true teachings of Islam by carrying out all its teachings.

He added that only by being with Islam, the land of Palestine and the Muslim world can be liberated and to not be influenced by the struggle based on nationalism which is championed by colonist to disunite Muslims.


“Let us not lose the cause. The struggle for Muslims to liberate Palestine is the core to unite all Muslims,” stressed hadi.

Also in attendance was the son of As-Syahid Ahmad Yasin, Abdal Ghani A.I Yasin and brother of As-Syahid Dr Nizar A.M Rayyan, Abdal Altif A.M Rayyan.

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