Selangor Fulfils Election Manifesto through a Five-Year Action Plan


The Selangor Government has drafted a Five-Year Action Plan to raise the socio-economic status of the people in Selangor to ensure that the people’s standard of living reflects a developed state.

The Five-Year Action Plan is based on strategies and measures proposed in the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto for the 13th General Election (GE-13), which was recently discussed and debated at public dialogue sessions held by all 12 Local Authorities in Selangor.

The action plan was drafted during the three-day Executive Councillors’ retreat in Bangkok, where all EXCOs voiced issues that needed to be given priority, target groups, special programmes and the projected financial implications as part of the implementation strategy.


Among others, the EXCO has decided to:

1. Continue efforts to finalise the restructuring of the water industry and the distribution of water shares to the people of Selangor.

2. Giving rebates or other types of incentives to civil servants who use public transportation to commute from work at the SUK Building and to provided shuttle buses from public transportation networks especially from the Bus Terminal at Section 1 and the KTM Station at Section 19 to the SUK Building under the Selangor Public Transport Council which will be set up soon.

3. Centralise all entrepreneurship activities and programmes under the Selangor State Entrepreneurship Centre as a one-stop agency for entrepreneurial development.

4. Implement new policies for Affordable Quality Homes (AQH) through a semi-autonomous unit under the Selangor Housing and Property Board (LPHS).

5. Build an integrated database for all state-funded programmes, including welfare recipient’s statistics, and to introduce new programmes or enhance existing programmes to change the welfare mind-set to a Workforce mind-set.

6. Conduct a comprehensive study with the objective of establishing the Selangor Halal Scientific Laboratory to address the issues of halal certification.

7. Enhance the strength of community programme policies funded by the state government.

I would like to thank all EXCOs, senior state government officers and employees for their support, commitment and high level of discipline throughout the three-day session which took place, and as a result, we are able to showcase an action plan with a list of programmes or measures which will be undertaken in the short, medium or long term.

Although its implementation will not be easy, I am sure that we will all work hard to ensure that the people will eventually become the largest recipient from this action plan.

We also held a discussion with a company that owns many shopping malls in Thailand, the Central Pattana Group, which has invested RM500 million through subsidiary companies in Malaysia to build a shopping centre at i-City Shah Alam as move to make Shah Alam a new shopping paradise in this region.

The Selangor State Government is committed to manage state assets and resources entrusted by the people for the good of the people, especially to help the people of Selangor who are marginalised and less fortunate in line with the Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor agenda.



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