State Government Allocates RM5 Million to Overcome Flooding in Klang


KLANG, 14 SEPT: The State Government approved an allocation of RM million to the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) to finance concerted efforts to overcome flooding.

The Deputy President of MPK, Ehsan Mukri said that the focus now is to resolve flood mitigation projects by upgrading rivers, rehabilitating drainage channels and the construction of more retention ponds.

“MPK has received an allocation of RM5 million from the State Government to implement these projects (flood mitigation) where RM1 million from the allocation will be given to the Selangor Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) for river upgrading works.

“We also plan to build the first underground reservoir in Klang as a measure to overcome flooding here,” he said during the State Government Manifesto Dialogue with the people at Hamzah Hall last night.

He said that so far, a total of nine projects are being carried out with focus on several areas, including Jalan Tengku Kelana and Pandamaran.

He said that MPK has also provided a special channel through social networking sites to provide access to the public to raise any queries or complaint in the event of difficulties in their area.

“Leaders and Council Members need to visit each time there is flooding in the area, in fact, we have liaised with all agencies to integrate in their duties.

“We at MPK will provide clean-up work for drains and ditches, but unfortunately, the people often throw trash causing the drains to be clogged up.

The dialogue and Q&A session focused on four key elements which are economy, peace, brotherhood and the people’s government.

Also present was the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the Member of Parliament for Kota Raja, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, the Sri Andalas Assemblyman, Dr Xavier Jayakumar and MPK Council Members.

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