Rubbish Heap Along MRR2 A Sabotage – Tian Chua

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 Dec: The heaps of rubbish at the road shoulders of the Klaua Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) on 21 December is believed to be an act of sabotage by the waste management company, Alam Flora, said Tian Chua.

The Member of Parliament for Batu said that it is the reason of acquiring the RM80 million solid waste management tender by the company, Umpan Jaya, previously.

“I have kept evidence and witnesses from the public, that the rubbish heaps at the side of the road was done by Alam Flora.

“The lorry used on the morning of 21 December is owned by Alam Flora,” he said, quoted from Keadilan Daily.


On 21 December, about 2,000 tons of waste was left along the roadside of the MRR2, causing terrible traffic congestion, and residents as well as motorists had to smell the stench all along the road.

Tian said that the rubbish was heaped along the MRR2, near the collection centre owned by Umpan Jaya, so that the public would assume that Umpan Jaya was responsible.

“Umpan Jaya received payment from DBKL of RM80 million for a three-year contract. The contract ends in January 2014.

“So, DBKL received pressure from the public about the weaknesses in waste management by Umpan Jaya. At the same time, they were being pressed to replace the company.

“Perhaps DBKL would directly give (contract) to Alam Flora to continue collection which was previously done by Umpan Jaya,” he said and stated that the waste management contract to Umpan Jaya was done without the open tender process.

“I urged DBKL to practice this system. Do not be affected by this crisis for the sake of DBKL’s own professionalism,” he said.

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